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2011 Toyota Camry (3 Reviews)
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For whatever it is worth, I bought my current Camry new in 1999. This July it will hit 13 years of age. 4 cylinder LE. Prior to this, I drove a 1992 for 8 years. Bottom line, I will be coming up on 21 years of service through 2 Camrys. Both 4 cylinder automatics.

I may be boring but, I do know a good car when I get one. The 1999 has been astounding. I now have 163,000 miles on it, used Mobil 1 synthetic 5W30 since day one. I change the oil every 5-6 thousand miles, use the car for outside sales so it has it's door dings and scratches but, the gold paint is still shiny as it has been garage kept all this time as well.....I still routinely get the car waxed via buffer....beautiful finish and the paint was quality day 1.

The original battery (Panasonic) lasted 8.5 years....I'm on my second (Die Hard...let's hope so), 4th set of tires, 3 or 4 brake jobs (lost count), AC has NEVER gone down, door handles have never broken, power door locks and power windows have never gone down....I don't know how an AC can last this long, especially living in the matter, the only "repair" I've had has been the lasted 11.5 years...NO complaints on that as I am in outside sales (Start Stop....repeat....alot)....I wash the engine 2X a year....spotless to this day....I never could understand why people drive around with a filthy's easier to spot troubles when they arrive although with this car, none have.

The auto light feature has never gone down...the car doesn't break, it just goes....I drive it routinely at 70-80mph around town, no issues....I have done regular maintenance, timing belt at 101K, transmission flushes every 50-60K problems with the tranny....never had a problem with the throttle body but, I did clean my IAC out last year and will finally do the seafoam treatment just short, this car has been astounding in be sure, I'm the only one who drives it so the interior is mint, no cracks...

I do have one little nagging problem...the power seat clicks as I accelerate like it's "loose"....can't find the reason, checked all the bolts, nothing seems loose, just seems to click on hard acceleration like it's locking into place and the same on hard stops...weird....probably wearing out from carrying my fat assets around all these matter, I am looking to find another one used, in perfect shape and give this one to my kid that just graduated high school....he was 5 when I bought it.....

If you are EVER looking for a great, dependable, used car, buy one of these gems and don't look back...perfect in everyway except "excitement"...but, at my age, excitement comes from the fact that I don't spend time at dealers fixing the car...thank you very much....
2003 toyota Camry LE purchased new, now has 203k miles. Best car ever, I've had BMW530, Audi A4, Audi 90, Acura Legend, and a few american cars than never reached 70k. no problems just oil changes, tires, 1 battery. original brakes last me 162k miles and the mechanic said I still had another 10k before replacement. Problem is with catalytic converter. there was a service bulletin but I'm past the mileage to get it fixed for free (80K). Had to replace thermostat and that is it. I'm still on the original spark plugs. I think I'll have to replace the converter and exhaust soon. I'm thinking of trading it in for a 2011 camry but want to keep my 2003 to see if I can get 300k out of this car. i've never owned a car and put over 200k on it myself until this car.
Very low gas millege. Got 17.5 mpg with 50% local roads, 50% highway.