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2010 Toyota Camry (9 Reviews)
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I purchased my Camry new, but have had some surprising problems with it. As others have noted, alignment is a BIG problem. It always wants to pull to the left and I've had several alignments at several different places with the same result. My struts leaked and had to be replaced (all four). That was an expensive repair for something that came prematurely. I had premature brake wear on the rear brakes and had to replace them. I haven't touched the front brakes yet which indicates another problem...I have never had a car where the rear brakes wore out before the front brakes. Lastly, oil consumption is starting to be a problem. Unfortunately I kind of consider this car a clunker. I had expected to keep this car for many years but I can see that won't happen. Toyota's quality reputation is undeserved in my opinion.
yes my wife have 2010 camry LE 65,000 miles on and it have check enggin light comon with tractsion light on .
i,m just lugin scanner tool in and do tranmission fluid changer , 6,8 qt toyota WS and the car runing ok
the lugnut tranmission oil is on driver site , you need to take the whell of and there is a pice clastic cover .
toyota dearler will charger over 200 dollar for tranmmision service , but it cost you 70 dolllar to do your sefl
I had previously owned a '98' Toyota Camry and did not have any problems with it. I owned the car for 10 yrs and just traded it. I purchased a pre-owned 2010 Toyota Camry in Nov of 2010 and it only had 1398 miles on it. The car has 45,000 miles on it and now the Check Engine Light and the Trac light is on. Don't know what's causing the problem. I thought the 2010 model would be more durable than the '98'.
I'l start by saying, I've had 7 Hondas previously to the 2010 Camry. Had issue with alignment from day one, took it to a large dealer in Omaha for warranty alignment, about 15K and 4 months after purchase. Told it was aligned and would be fine, at least it drove OK. 5K later, while rotating tires noticed heavy edge ware. Took it back and alignment was so far out, front toed in and back toed out, after being shown the results and being told it was "close enough" I got in the mangagers face, (I used to do alignments) He offered to replace 2 tires if I purchased 2, when I got the price they wanted I could have had all 4 replaced with better tires elsewhere. Bottom line___ I complained to Toyota and they responded by telling me "they have no control over what their dealers do or how they handle problems" Fibally went to Firestone had top of the line "touring" tires put on it and aligned properly, Been a great car ever since. Will NEVER do business with Toyota or Performance Toyota (Omaha) again!! Ever!!
right now i have no problem in this used car, 2.5 engine, Body is very soft, inside is nice space, both front seat are not good for long driving , Pickup is very good, 40K miles in car.
What a piece of garbage! Last Toyota for me.

So much wind noise i have to blast the radio just to hear the news.
This is my 4th Toyota, my current other vehicle is a 2003 Tundra. The 2010 Camry LE is exceptionally quiet inside and the suspension is not too soft or hard. The acceleration is much improved from the '96 Camry we replaced, both four cylinder engines. The 6 speed auto-trans helps with the acceleration and shifts very smoothly, almost imperceptably. The cabin is very roomy, the a/c controls are very easy to use and the new dash configuration and lighting is very nice.
Only the driver seat has power controls, I would have liked to see the car equipped with both front power seats. We had the dealer install a 2011 stereo that included XM radio (for a great deal of money), it works well but lacks all the features found in $30-$50 aftermarket XM receivers.
I bought this 2010 Camry SE in Dec 09 and have taken it back many times because of what I now believe to be the rear suspension. My car wobbles when I drive at 35 to 40 miles due to the rotation of the tires. It shifts from side to side and causes a lack of steering control. The dealers says it's in specs, but when you drive it, or see it make a turn you can see and feel the distortion in the wheels, and steering. When braking, the car accelerates first before it stops. Terrifying. The dealers say the wheels are pitched out as part of the design. I say it's a manufacture defect and that's why the car doesn't perform as well as it should. I've had new tires and wheel balances and alignments, however, my problem still exists and I'm just being blown off.
I guess there won't be any care until the wheel falls off. This car has less than 6500 miles!!! Oh yeah, they aren't selling or advertising 2010 SE's, they are advertising 2011 SE's. Go figure.
realiable car, powerful, refined. only problem I had is idle is not smooth enough compare to my previously owned 2010 corolla. in order to get great MPG, I decided put up K&N cool air intake to replace one that factory installed, and performance chip.

good thing is I replace both head light low and high with HID 8000K, LEBRA, etc a lot upgrade.