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2008 Toyota Camry (20 Reviews)
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I have a 2008 Camry and will never own another. It is a piece of junk. Eats oil, eats gas, hesitation, brakes and rotors gone, mildew smell in heater/AC, AND THE WORST PART OF ALL - WAY TO MANY BLIND SPOTS WHEN DRIVING - I DO NOT FEEL SAFE IN THIS CAR..
First and last Toyota for me. I have a 2008 Camry LE with 106,000 miles around 80,000 + miles starting smell like burnt rubber or antifreeze took in to local mechanic said I needed an new engine replacement. My car using a lot of oil which dipstick boned dry and all spark plugs etc., are melted because engine is ruined in $$$. Don't have money also contacted Toyota Corp who wouldn't solve my case but I am expected to take money out of my pocket buying a new engine. This car might be the cheapest Camry had features like an upgraded model but I religiously take excellent care of all my cars I buy and keep until 200,000 or up but don't believe will keep this one not too long. Money I spend getting new engine replacement could be on a new car payment hate to say but I can't stand Toyota at all this company is horrible look at unintended acceleration and engine sludge problems who knows what else this company is hiding not telling consumers that buy these cars thinking would last me forever. I am going to sell this car off to a junkyard and put a down payment getting something like Hyundai or American made automobile. Never I own another Toyota not even my family won't drive them either if I had the money definitely get a lawsuit with Toyota because this is ridiculous having to pay something is not your fault. Know most people don't take care of their vehicles as should but me I am a strict person who stays on top of maintenance doing oil changes between 3,000 - 6,000 miles bought this car new now starting to be like a beat up car. I'm done!!!
I lose faith in Toyota. This car has been well maintained but now will never buy a Toyota ever again had a 1995 didn't even have all these repairs. My Camry burns oil like crazy and A/C has a mildew smell from the vents took to dealer got fixed now more problems the dashboard is melting. I spent quite few getting these things fixed on this damn car it starts to ride rough while idles terrible. It stalled at stop sign took back to dealer they said need an oil pump the engine was estimated in high expense in fixing what needs to be done. Now I'm trying see get an engine replacement but sense I am out of warranty Toyota wants me to pay half of the cost. Believe me never trust a Toyota again this car has 79,000 miles don't ever abuse or driven hard plus transmission slipping into 2nd gear think this car is nothing but a piece of junk. Stay away from Toyota.
We have a 2008 Camry SE, this car has been phenomenal so far. It currently has 94,000 on the clock and we bought it new. Yes it has had some minor flaws, the visors did break (eventually covered under a recall) and the brakes do wobble a little coming down long mountain grades. Other than that I have changed oil and tires and that is it. I am still even on the original brakes. Fuel economy for the V6 is close to 30 on the highway. My water pump is starting to make a little noise, but for 100k miles and the only issue is a water pump? I will take it. Don't let these couple of complaints keep you from this vehicle. Toyota sells thousands of these cars annually, if they sucked that bad then people wouldn't be driving them. Oh buy American you say? Some of my WORST vehicles were from Govt Motors, I drive a Ford to work everyday and it seems to be okay, but our mining roads are rattling it apart.
At around 55,000 miles, my 2008 Toyota Camry started drinking oil. Using approximately 1 quart every 800 miles. According to the Toyota owners manual this is acceptable so they won't do anything about it. I have to carry oil around in my trunk all the time, just in case my oil light comes on. Not much use in changing the oil since it is always "new". Now my dam sun visor is broken on the drivers side and it won't stay up! I WILL NEVER buy a TOYOTA AGAIN!
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2008 Toyota Camry
I bought mine new with 13 miles. Replaced both sunvisors, replaced both brake rotors, seat are not comfortable, cheap interior, now the A/C is not working. Toyota is telling me that the cost to repair it is over $2100 parts & Labor. The car have 16223 miles. No one else will touch it because the condenser is not in a easy place to access.
I owned many Toyotas and I feel for the people having problems with this Camry. This 08 Camry SE is the only toyota I have made in USA and I am having more problems than all of the others combined. The acceleration problem is well known and had dealer fix that as part of massive recall. They shaved the underside of the carpet and maybe replaced the pedal. I noticed an improvement in the automatic shifting after they reprogrammed the ecu. No stalling on turns. The visor is being recalled after I got mine replaced at 20K. Tires replaced at 28K with Continental DSW, very good tires. The front rotors cause a little shudder when braking at high speeds, turned it at 40K and now needs another one at 60K. Brake pads are still good but they say original are hard on rotors so I am going to go with Akebono pro-act. Now it's past warranty, I can't open my seldom used sunroof. The rubber seal is sticking as it tries to go down and in. The sun and waxing probably doomed it.
I bought mine new with less than 300 miles. Drove the 4cyl & 6cyl and got the 6cyl since their wasn't that much difference in mileage. If I fill the tank and set the cruise at 55 got up to 41.1 mpg. Right front tire blew out as soon as I parked at work. Took it to Toyota, was told nothing they could do about it. (had 27,000 miles and just under 3 yrs old). Told me I must have hit something. I'm the only driver and I never hit anything. read out on radio disappears and comes back when you push in on screen. People complain they can't hear me when connected to blue tooth through radio. Heater takes a while to heat up compared to other new vehicles I've had over the years. I'm considering trading it off, it drives great but I'm just not that crazy about it in general. To date it has 34,000 miles on it 5 years later. I have a full size f-150 I drive to work everyday and anymore on the weekends I grab it's keys rather than the toyota. The trucks a 99 with 211,000 miles. Oh i replaced all the junk (my opinion) Michelins with Uniroyal Tiger Paws 70k mile tires. The rides the same and had great experience with a previous vehicle with these tires.
The "Check Engine Light" came on to find out an oxygen-fuel sensor went bad. The car is a 2008 Camry with 20,850 miles on it. I took it to Freehold DCH Toyota and the charged me $600+ dollars for 1 hr worth of time. At less than 21,000 miles the repair should have been free, but $600?? That is a legalized mugging.

Also have a 2008 FJ and the drivers arm rest has cracked. Taking it in today to see if its covered.
I owned a 2007 Toyota Tacoma, which was the best truck, I have ever owned. When my wife wanted us to get a family car to save on gas and money, I thought buying a Camry would be a nice change. Boy, was I wrong. I miss my Tacoma to say the least. Anyway, I digress. We purchased a used 2008 Camry with 25,000 miles in Aug. of 2008. Within the first week we had to take it back to the dealer to fix a warble in the brake rotors and have the pad's replaced. We thought this was the worst of our nightmares, not so. After a few weeks of driving, we noticed that the fuel economy was only about 19 miles per gallon with highway/city driving. So I did a standard tune up, myself, changed the spark plugs, air filters, oil change, checked the plug wires, and so forth. When pulling the spark plugs, I found that the plugs were gapped so far apart, that I am surprised the engine even ran. Also, the plugs were oxidized with some sort of white crystal like material. The bells should have gone off in my head at the time. I replaced the spark plugs with the OEM recommendation and gapped them correctly at .043. This seemed to raise the gas mileage by about three miles to the gallon. Not much improvement in my book, but it met the standard for city driving for the Camry. Then at 38000 miles, we started hearing this rattling upon acceleration from underneath the vehicle. I climbed underneath to see if anything came loose, and I could not find anything. So I took it to the Toyota Dealership. They informed me that this was noted in a Service Bulletin. I thought "Great!" this should be fixed for free. Then the news came that if I had brought it in before 36000 miles it would have been free. Now they were going to charge me almost $400 just for the part then labor on top of that. What a joke, they must have been crazy. A few months later, my wife pulled on the Sun Visor to use the mirror and the whole thing broke off, leaving just the metal arm lever. I tried to fix it, but the plastic visor just kept breaking apart. Well, I finally got it fixed with aluminum straps that I wrapped around the outside of the visor under the cloth. This held it in place good. Then just recently back in Aug. of 2011, the driver's side visor broke off. I fixed it the same way. In Nov. 2011, our windshield got a chip in it one day. There was just a small chip. The next day it had spread into major cracks that spread across the windshield over to the drivers viewing area. The next thing that has happened is with the brakes. In March of 2011, I replaced the front brakes, because they were half warn down. The back brakes were the same, half warn down. Now, the rear brakes are completely warn down to the metal and grooving the rotors. What is up with Toyota using cheap parts. I am only going to buy American from now on. I am done with the Japanese crap that is being put out now. Give me something strong and not build with plastic interiors.
I have a 2008 Camery XLE and it has rust spots all over the car. It is really bad by the sunroof. I had a similar problem with my 2004. JHas anybody else had this problem?
I am unhappy with my 2009 camry se. I bought it new and have been sorry ever since. I could cry thinking about it, but it does not get the gas mileage it is supposed to, it is noisy inside, cheap interior parts, now the a/c has a leak in the hose which will be another $500+. Think the dealer would give me a deal? Ha, no way, I must be on drugs to bring up such a ridiculous idea. Tires have been replaced and time to do that again, I am so disappointed, I paid way too much for it because the dealer lied to me and the se cost almost as much as the xle and probably could have gotten the better model, can't remember the name. I sold my 2000 acura tl and am so sorry to have wasted over $20,000 when I loved my acura. It just had 150,000 on it so thought i would upgrade since i can't afford to have trouble on the road, but come to find out, it was barely broken in. It was a MUCH nicer car even tho 9 years older.
I own a 2008 Camry SE, and I would NEVER purchase another one. While my car was under warranty, I had to have the seals around the windshield and sunroof replaced because they were improperly installed, and I had to have the CD player repaired. Recently, at 68,000 miles, I had to replace the water pump. Now at 70,000, my A/C is not working, and Toyota is telling me that the cost to repair it is $2900 ($2168 just for the compressor!). Considering Toyota's "reputation" and the cost of the car, I am disgusted by the problems I am having. I will NEVER purchase another Toyota!
I purchased a 2008 Toyota Camary brand new, this car a piece of crap. The first month I had it the car wouldn't stop. Toyota looked at it and said its fine. It almost killed me. The visors break easily. There cheap. My bearing went out before 60,000 miles. I don't recommend Toyota.
so far the best car i've ever cleaned or worked on.this is my next car hands down.
My first Toyota Camry was a 1997, and I loved it. We bought a 2008 Camry, and that was a BIG mistake. The water pump went out at 61,000 miles and destroyed the head gasket, thus destroying the engine. I have read other reviews on 2007 Camrys that did the same thing. If this is a common occurrence, why does Toyota not have to compensate the owners? I can assure you, this is our last Camry, and I will no longer recommend a Camry to anyone. The quality has really gone down hill
I have a 2008 Camry 4cyl, I love it its a great car. I have a question though, it is coming up on 20,000 miles and the maintenance required light has come on, Does anybody know what the Maintenance consist of at 20,000 miles?
This is the second Camry of this style I own. I've been very pleased with it. The only gripe I have is that it is slow to get moving. Also when it gets cold it shakes a bit like a manual transmission does when the revs are too low...this is an automatic transmission however.
What a gutless wonder. It is loud, and handles like a bucket of water. the seats are not comfortable. This car has just reminded me to keep buying american.