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2004 Toyota Camry (14 Reviews)
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I bought my 2004 Camry in 2009 with 40,000 miles. Still going 158,000 miles later with regular maintenance and very little repair. Plan to keep my Camry as long as it runs! Love my Camry!!
I am the 3rd owner of my 2004 Camry XLE and until 150,000 miles hit, there were few issues. Most recently was the issue of my purge valve needing to be replaced. The check engine light kept coming on and I tried everything but replacing the catalytic converter and purge valve. At 98k miles, the A/C needed to be recharged and a whole new system leading up to the radiator (but not the radiator itself) had to be replaced due to old tubes, hoses and various wear and tear. The fan controlling the A/C compressor would not gain enough pressure to spin fast enough. Only when doing about 60MPH for about 5 minutes, did the air start blowing cool. I've had no motor issues, and for what it's worth, still one of the best cars I've bought, especially used. I think it'll last at least another 25k miles if I keep up with my seasonal maintenance.
I bought a 2004 Camry from a relative who bought it new. It currently has 110K miles. It had been a great car up until the last month.
On e long road trip, after a brief stop, the car would not start again. I had it towed, they said that it started fine for them and nothing was wrong. SO while cruising down a busy highway in torrential rain, the car shuddered a few times and turned off. Therefore no steering at 70 mph, in the rain, narrow shoulder by a deep ravine. Had it towed to a dealership where they said it need 3K worth of various work (I have been meticulous with maintenance), but that it has turned off because of low battery power causing an error code.
No one has been able to explain why an 'error code' would just turn a car off at 70 mph. After talking dealership #1 into what I needed to continue with our trip, they said battery and serpentine belt. Car ran okay for another 1,500 miles home. Then while driving locally, the car turned off again, replicating the same issue I'd had "repaired". I towed it to a local dealership due to warranty on the battery and got a completely different diagnosis. This time it was a crank shaft problem linked to a 'crank code' caused by dead sparkplugs. I took it from the dealership, who would not touch on why there were two different answers to the same exact problem. I took it to a local mechanic that I trust and so far, so good. At this point I am 2K in the hole for a "great car". I will never buy another Toyota.
Ironically I received a $22 check from Toyota 3 months ago referencing a class action settlement with no further details and that by cashing the check, I was releasing them from liability. I did NOT cash the check. After the debacle of the last few weeks, I am glad because I suspect something big is about to come out.
Bought new, now with 102,000 miles. No parts failures or early wear of any kind.. The car still has its original brakes, including pads. The secret: a light pedal, and over half the miles are highway miles. Four star explanations: Auto trans often fails to immediately engage in initial acceleration in creeping stop and go, and at stops. Multiple dealers say there is no cure. A light pedal in order to spool up the converter has now become a habit. Trans is otherwise completely satisfactory. Steering has been fine, but there is a slight noise in moving wheel off center noticeable only at very low speeds in places like parking lots. This appeared at about 15,000 miles. Fix was $150 at the dealer (a bushing of some sort.) Dealer assured me this was not a safety issue of any kind. The problem has not gotten worse. That's right, I did not get it repaired, figuring the next bushing would also wear. Suspension: this is a geometry complaint: the car is sensitive to side winds. Recently, my son-in-law suggested tire inflation of about 34 front, 30 rear. Presto! Virtually no further wind or buffeting problems. I've been very conscientious in changing fluids per-maintenance schedule. Struts are still solid, no rebound beyond normal. Slight indication of some bushing wear, but very slight. Again: CV joints, exhaust, water pump, AC compressor, brakes, plugs, serpentine, wipers, power seat & windows all completely trouble free. This car uses a chain for timing, so no replacement is called for. Routine 100,000 mile maintenance to include brakes, (and plugs at 120,000) and the car will be good for another 50,000 at least I think. Most trouble free car, including three Toys, I've owned over a period of more than 50 years.
I know everyone has a gas mileage story too good to believe, but I am greatly pleased and I guess that is what really matters. I live in an Alaska town 306 miles from Anchorage on paved road. If I use the cruise control and drive about 60 mph--braking as little as possible since there are not many cars--I easily average 34-37 mpg. I have a friend with a hybid that seldom beats that! I have had no trouble and the car was new (reconstruced title at 245 miles), and I now have 70,000. I think that is pretty good, but I now need rear shocks and struts I guess for my studded winter tire on the left rear had a flat place scooped out in it when I changed this last month (April).
I bought my 2004 Camry in 2008 with 63,000 miles on it. I've been extremely happy with it ever since. I get an oil change every 3,000 miles and have only had to replace the serpentine belt last year. Otherwise, no mechanical repairs have been required. The latch for the small, top compartment between the driver's seat and passenger's seat needs to be fixed and I'll need to get her some new tires within the next year, but she's at 100,000 miles and doing AWESOME!
I bought the 2004 camry in Nov 2003. It has been great except I am now having to replace the alternator for the 2nd time. I replaced the first one 4 1/2 years ago. I was stranded and it cost a lot to have it towed, a new battery and new alternator. At least I am home this time. The alternator starts to over produce electricity into the battery. It was putting out 17.5 volts when I had it checked today. Does anyone know why this is happening? This time I am not putting a toyota alternator on, I hope.
Hi, i love this car its been pretty good to me over the years, but lately when ever I'm parked doing something on my computer ( I drive a lot for work) I'll hear this squeaking sound, only maybe once a minute. Sounds sort of like when you close a wood door thats just a little too tight. Anyways sounds like its coming from under the dash on the passenger's side or perhaps the middle of the dash. Question is what is it? Is it something that needs to be replaced, also it might happen when I'm driving but I cant really hear it, also been running the A/c every time might this have something to do with it?
We bought a 2004 in Dec., 2003. Great car. However, I knew needed brakes and they told me twice I didn't. Went to another location they pulled the tires and showed us we were right, medal to medal. Now, the fuel gauge and odometer will not work, fuel guage stays full, odemeter will light will not go out. After sitting for a while they both go out. However, no one at Toyota has ever heard of this problem and cannot assist in getting it fixed. Placed another cluster panel in and something blew the two same problems. No more Toyota for me, they refuse to help fix problems.
We bought this car used with 80k miles on it in excellent condition. Compared to the 1996 model Camry the interior was much more spacious and handles a lot better.

We get decent mileage on both the city and the highway. We spent the first two months discovering little touches that made the car great to drive. Rear sun-shade is great for kids in the back. The clock doubles as an information center for mpg, time and miles remaining in the tank.

In the 1.5 years we've had it, we haven't had any issues breaking down or being stranded. Occasionally the headlights can get left on too long and the battery dies (not sure if this is user or sensor error.)
This is a great car. I bought it used at 78,000 miles. I did have to replace a strut right when i got it. But other than that I have not had any major problems with this car.
BEST CAR I've EVER owned. 180000 trouble free miles but am starting to have problems with power door locks not working in hot weather, engine warning light has been on since 69000 miles. I was told it was a burned out catalitic converter but was to expensive to replace $1100 so I kept driving the car WITHOUT any problems for the next 11000 miles!!! I WILL definately buy another toyota even after all the recalls I know they want my business again so the product has to be safe and better!!!!!!
Great car! I've had mine for over four years and haven't had any problems with it. It's also great on gas.
Like all the Toyotas i've owned. This is a great car with very smooth handling on the road. After five years, only problem thus far is A/C blowing warm air. I haven't taken it to the dealer yet but according to the owners manual, no indication it will be a major repair.