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2003 Toyota Camry (14 Reviews)
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Bought the Camry brand new. Very happy owner 4cylinder is smooth running like the ride although have the cheaper LE model this car is the best ever had. I am at 180,000 miles haven't noticed any problems with my Camry did get something fix in engine be a leaking oil pump cost $200.00 fixing add that with A/C need repairing at 67,000 miles nothing else hasn't gone wrong with car. It is comfortable handles well plenty of room has good acceleration this car was built to have excellent speed with a 4cylinder engine its at best driving this car loving my Camry. ATM transmission still shifts smooth I changed oil with Castrol and use Lightweight 5w30 tranny fluid doing flushes for the ATM transmission Camry has always received good maintenance mechanic tells me this car will go another 100,000 miles just took care of most minor things had to be done on the car but can trust because its very dependable lasting me much longer on the road.
Please i need someone to tell me what maintenance is to be done on 2003 toyota camry. the essential maintenance service it require and how long is best to give it. so the car can be in its best position.
2003 camry v6. I bought it new and never did anything other than regular maintainance exept never adj. valves. Still like new with 228,000 miles. Uses no oil, always ran mobile 1. I did just put struts on for the first time. I love this car
Ok, just want to say I am not bashing Toyota. I have had five of them from the mid eghties. 1990 Celica {loved it},1993 Camry LE {only car I drove for over one hundred thousand miles}, 1987 corrola, and a 1998 corrola {which I still have}. So My problem has been My 2003 Camry XLE 4 cyl. Seems to have become a money pit, replaced all rotors and calibers well before their time, and just replace rear brakes because of frozen caliber and ruined rotors. Last year the air conditioning began to get weak, not blowing as cold as it use to. This year 2012, the air was getting weaker. Tried to refill the freon myself, read directions and followed all temp. requirements and still no colder. Took it to a professional and was told it was over filled, put the levelat the right level. No good just as bad. Took it to another shop called F-irestone, beliving a big name company would do right. Emptied the system recharged system checked for leaks and told it was good to go, paid over $200.00 and same problem. Then I beganto have problems with the A/C light blinking and checked the Magnetic clutch relay and bought an after market replacemant and it saved me $60.00 odd dollors over a factory replacemant. Same problem, relay was OK and still had low cooling. Finally called a shop that has a good reputation in my town and went to them, let them have the problem and just pay for the repairs. Turns out the condenser AND the radiator were both bad. The condenser had broken down to a point where it was literally falling apart, I mean it was just coming apart at the vains and was crumbling under the touch of my fingers, also the bottom of the radiator was also showing something similar as the trans. fittings were so coroded that they were also crumbling. This was after I told the shop to go ahead and replace both. The machanic showed me the removed parts, to say the least I was amazed as having never seen anything like this before. I try to do my own repairs, oil change, battery replacemant and others that i feel are within my abilities. So if the air cond. on your Toyota is giving you any problems check the front of the car and the condenser and radiator. Would also like to mention run the air atleast once or twice a month during cold season {Defroster will do}. Hope this has been of help and just one more thing ALL my cars were bought NEW.
I bought this car in 2004 with 12,500 miles on it. Mechanically, the engine and transmission have run flawlessly except for a blown head gasket. Brakes and tires seem to wear out very quickly, and alignment needs to be corrected often. Front end shimies when brakes are about 20K miles old, which I think is rotor warp, but don't know for sure. Oddly, in hot weather, the auto-door lock feature will lock doors, but not unlock them. When in cooler weather, it works fine. Back-lit knobs on dash have gone dark. All in all, the car is pretty good, but will try a Ford next time.
I bought the car new. I like how smoothly it rides but I have had a few problems . The door locks won't open when the switch is pushed. They will lock with the switch though. The steering wheel will make a squeaking noise at various times especially in the winter. Spent lots on maintenance (70,000 miles on the car).
I bought it new and now has around 95000 miles. It runs flawless. I only had to change the thermostat over the years. Now I will have to change left passenger side lock actuator. Other than that no maintenance cost involved other than regular oil, tire and brake pad change. I enjoy driving it everyday. I changed the thermostat costing $10-$20. I will also change the lock actuator that will cost around $130.
We bought this car new for my wife back in 2003. It has performed flawlessly with the possible exception of something that has just occurred. Her brake light will come on periodically. I had just a small amount of brake fluid and it goes off. There are no signs of leaks, but the brake light continues to come on. Our service advisor says that although our brake pads are still fine, more fluid is used in the stopping process and that's why the light comes on. Makes sense for one time. But it comes on about every week to 10 days. Any thoughts?
Have had the car since new and currently have 160000. Have never had any major problems with it and still runs just as good as when it was new.
I have just recently purchases this vehicle for a toyota dealer in Ohio. Ever since i first heard it, it sounds like a vaccum leak coming from the back of the motor. I have taken it to 3 different Toyota Dealers and had Sears Auto Centers look at it and no one knows what it is. Other than that, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this car. The best ive ever owned
Reliable automobile. Not part of the gas pedal recall, which is nice. Good vehicle for Colorado winter driving with the traction control, steering assist and abs, but it's still not an awd vehicle. Gas mileage, about 23 overall with highway, city and lot of stop and go on I-25.
Complaints. I think the sheet metal has to be the thinnest out there. Dents very easily. Also not a status car so you won't be getting a lot of speeding tickets because it looks like a car older conservative folks would drive. Not crazy about the climate control system which always reset back to auto after you turn off the car. I'm not always going to want to be at 73 degrees.
What I like about the car are nice features with XLE, V-6 version. Love the heated seats, steering assist, traction control and the cool radio feature that tells you who is playing what song on the radio.
Reliable, only routine maintenance so ownership cost is really good.
I have had many cars. The 2003 Toyota Camry is my first toyota and I love this car and no other car will replace it.
The biggest problem that I have had with this car in the 5+ years I have owned it is with the door and truck locks. I have had to replace both driver side door lock actuators and repair the trunk lock, costing about $400 each time. The brakes "float" and always have, even on replacement. But they function fine. Otherwise, a very good and reliable car.
Have this car for 5 years already. Never have a problem.