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2002 Toyota Camry (17 Reviews)
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bought toyota xle new in feb 2002,in april 2011 at 230000 mi.3 head bolts loosen,had to 203000 put first set of new brakes on, since then,new starter,cat,and regular maintance things.have now 349000 on this. excellance car
Bought this car in 2012 it's the most reliable car I have ever owned. I always get scheduled maintenance done making last a very long time planning to drive as did with my 1989 Mazda 626 at 300,000 miles. The mechanic that has worked on my vehicles in the last 30 years says this car have is reliable and never needs nothing done on the engine first got it had 120,000 miles now I have driven to New York and Minnesota at 268,000 miles. The Camry is a comfortable car being a retired mom (LOL) love having fun driving it no problems I commute a lot in this car. In next couple hours driving to Cincinnati visiting all my relatives from Christmas gets 30 mpg on V6 engine. It only requires low maintenance changed brakes, rotors, struts and spark plugs minor things etc. Truly love my car just can't pass reliability with a Toyota vehicle it is a beautiful car being it's almost 13 years old absolutely love this gem.
I have 124500 miles on my XLE and other than replacing tires twice, the only other major expenses have been to clean the fuel induction and reseal the oil pan which had a very tiny leak, and replace the drive belts. I am still on my original brakes. Last year I had to replace the starter. Earlier this month we took a 7500 mile trip to California and visited several national parks. Every time I have work done I ask about the brakes, last time they said they only had half wear. Another strange thing is at 78-80 mph on interstates, I have been getting a bit more than 31 MPG.

I did have the check engine light come on in the middle of nowhere in South Dakota so I stopped at an honest mechanic's shop and he told me the code was for a bad oxygen sensor for the cat converter. I stopped at a Toyota dealer in Rapid City to inquire if they had the part and they charge me $85 to tell me I needed a new cat and by they way they would need to order the parts. A couple days of lower mileage and lower max speeds, the light went off and when checked at home all was well with the codes.
I bought my 02 Camry LE in 05 and it had about 52K miles on it. The previous owner had some scratches on the paint job but I made myself look past that and I'm glad I did. The car now has about 134K miles. I've replaced the brakes once, had to replace one of the catalytic converters (unfortunate that it is attached to the manifold!), had to realign the sunroof (tracking?) once, replace a tailight and license plate bulb, refinish the headlights (oxydation) just this week and my passenger's interior door handle is broken (literally). Aside from the catalytic converter, my only other MAJOR headache has been the front wheels. They're the standard 15" steel rims. I've had to replace them a few times as they are somehow getting bent and causing me to need new tires much more frequently than normal. Twice I've had blowouts after 20K miles, on 65K tires! I've had 3 alignments and the Toyota dealership that did the first two doesn't allow a warranty transfer...I now live 11 hours from that dealership and it's only been 6 months since my last alignment there. Oh, well. Oh, the very rear part of my headliner is beginning to loosen. I've been very happy with this car. Previously drove a Land Rover...take the Camry any time.
I bought my 2002 Toyota Camry XLE brand new. I never had a problem with it. Always kept oil changed, tires rotated. In 2005 or 2006 I had to have part of caatytic converter replaced. Never
any major problems. This car has 266,588 as of right now on it.
This has been a really good car...dependable, smooth ride, mechanically sound and safe. I just had Fred Haas Toyota in Spring, Texas in 2010 start at the front of car and go all the way to the
back and repair, replace anything that was worn, plus new tires. I plan on driving this car another five years at least. I have driven this car to Ohio, Tennesse, Louisiana, Mississpi, Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma and back. I live in Texas. I think this is pretty good for the low maintenance I have had.
I currently have a 2002 toyota camery that has 225,000 miles on it. I have replaced windshield wipers and brakes once, a broke belt once. Other than that it has NEVER been in the repair shop. Oh, except I got trash in sun roof once which only cost about 50 or 60 dollars for dealer ship to blow trash out. It has been the best car of my life. I still love it.
The camry oil lost was on going and I told the Dealer who said it was the oil pan gasket and it was replaced. We believed that the problem was corrected and several weeks later the engine started knocking due to a broken rod caused by a lost of oil. On line research revealed numerous other camrys with the same oil leak problem. No drops of oil on the driveway because the oil was burned off, no blue smoke, because of the cataylic converter.
Purchased a 2002 XLE new. Currently has 80,000 miles. Have replaced the brakes three times including rotors, tires, gas fill connector flange rotted, catalytic coverter and flex pipe, shocks have been shot since 64,000 mi and now the A/C is dead. All this along with a few other msc. nagging issues. Biggest disappointment ever. My last Toymotor.
134,000 miles and the Camry is showing it's age. Shift siloined E. A/F Sensor. The exhaust flex pipe off the engine, front right wheel bearings. Kinda wonder where it's all going to end. How far should a person go?
The 4 Cylinder has a slow take off.
Very good fuel mileage/usage.
exhaust pipe hangs too low.
Purchased in 04'. Only one repair ever but a big one. Automatic Transmission.
Other than that, perfect. Currently 100K + miles on the vehicle.
First Toyota and worst car I have ever owned (owned 11) for cost of repairs. I've had to replace three cataytic converters, rack and pinion steering unit, high pressure power steering hose, core engine plug, starter, have my transmission ECM reflashed with an "alternate program", other repairs plus many smaller issues. Every service visit seems to be a minimum $600-1,000. Troubles started at 45,000 miles and the representative don't seem to understand why I am upset.
excellent car all of my past camrys
great car!!!
We bought our 2002 Camry SE new in October of 2002. The car must have been someplace and the acid rain had all the flat surfaces marked. The dealership tried to do something with it, but it was a lost cause. My wife hit a deer with it and that got the hood, right front fender and right side door repainted. The bodyshop buffed out the entire car and the marked sections looked good.....for a while. The car has 54K miles on it now and I just replaced the rotors and pads and belts. The rotors were rusted so bad the car had a shimmy like a wheel being out of balance. I replaced the rotors with Centric rotors. They have a coating that supposed to stave off the rust. Here in Western Pennsylvania they use salt and anti skid like there's no tomorrow ! The car had a oxygen sensor go out early and that's been the extent of any problems. We bought a new Hyundai Azera in the fall of 2007, so the Camry is now mine. We wanted another Camry but couldn't deal with Toyota at all. Every winter I put on a set of 4 Blizzaks on steel rims and the car acts like it has 4WD !
at 108000 miles it blew a head gasket and stripped the head bolts. The check engine lite did not come on until the damage was done. Repair shop says rebore (?not the word they used) head bolts and we won't guarantee any work or put a different motor in it. (New or used.) called this motor a "disposable" one that toyota put in lots of 2002 era camrys. This Camry has been a disaster. Other mild problems previously.
Purchased in Dec 2001. Have only 55k miles. Runs great! No mechanical problems. Original brakes. Tires replaced in 2006. Love the service from local dealer.