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1999 Toyota Camry owners review and rate their 1999 Toyota Camry.

1999 Toyota Camry (15 Reviews)
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My wive has had two Camry both nothen but problem's and has left her stranded twice, never again. We sold it and now drive a better car and it's not a Toyota or Honda
Totaled corolla at 275000km
bought used camry with 60000km on it.
now have 390000 km on it and need back struts. a small power steering leak which is very manageable. The best car out there.
Nothing but trouble with this beast since hitting 50K. First engine blew at 75K miles. Replaced(rebuilt) under extended warranty. Second engine blew with 75K miles on it(40K when installed +35K my driving) Been a money pit since I bought it. Had no problems with my previous Camry so was surprised at how bad this one is.
Great car since I bought it 11 years ago,no major problems.
I love this car. I have changed belts including timing belt and water pump at the same time fluid and filters never had a problem with it gets GREAT gas mileage between 25-30mpg.The car has 150,000 miles on it. I have a hum starting in the back but other than that it is great.
Paid $19,000 for it in 1999 the Camry now goes for roughly the same price new. Waiting for car to have problems my wife has one too a 2001 Camry both cars have over 118,000 miles wife's car 147,000 and the vehicles run like clock work orange(excellent). What's all this fuss about sudden acceleration not in our Camry's. Oh.... I have a turn signal bulb that isn't as bright as it use to be. I'm knocking on wood. Those new Honda Accords look pretty spiffy(cool).
I bought this car back in July 1, of 2005 and have had it ever since. Bought this puppy with 116,000 miles . Now i got 200,122 on it and going . Its worked really good . No trans. problems. Replace the engine once on it . I blew the OEM engine out when i didnt do my routine oil change. On my second engine , still running and going . I got a engine of a 2000 camry. Great car . Just needs a paint job.
I bought the car new back in September of 1998 and it now has 350,000 miles on it. It still gets 25-30 mpg and works great considering the age of the car. I have made some repairs on it myself and it has not been difficult. This car has been a blessing to me.
Only average. Second owner, of this Camry and regret every moment. Bad second engine (sludge that effects engine part of a class action lawsuit, unsuprisingly never a recall??) Poor fuel economy, road and wind noise high, nervous steering, cruise control sometimes accelerates on its own up to 5 mph. On the good side, the air is cold, almost all of the electricals work well. Thats about it. Wouldn't recommend this car to anyone.
I had a 99 Camry. It had 265,000 miles on it when it was totaled 2 years ago. I drove it 200k of that. I am sure I would still be driving it now. It still had the original exhaust. Best car I ever owned.
I am the original owner. Mine has 96,000 miles. Strangely, my car has been in 3 accidents without anyone in my car. Each time while I was parked. Twice hit by my neighbor. I am very religious in changing my all my Fluids as recommended and my car is running great. After 11 years, the clearcoat on my hood is beginning to peal off. The interior door handle molding on the front doors when the panels are inserted have warped about 3 years ago so there is a small gap between the panel and molding. A door handle also broke. Additionally an idiot light keep displaying showing my tail lights needed to be replaced. This was corrected by using some electrical tape and a tie strap to keep the line tight and from getting rubbed. The later is common around 10 years and takes 1 minute to correct.
Bought the car used in 2003 and haven't had very many problems until recently. Oil seals and lots of leaks, but the car is old..
my dad owns this type of camry which is a 1999
camry 4 door sedan type LE It was rarley used untill we got by our grandparents and has 3225.4 miles on it fot the odmeter overall i love the styles of 99 camry especaily the gold color which is our color my dad is going to pass it on to me when i can drive god bless the camry

P.s.I don`t like the years 01-10 camry models the style is discusting to me i prefer 1990-2000. thank you
Best car
I purchased this car new in late 1998 and it has served me well. I now have 96,000 miles with no trouble.