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1998 Toyota Camry (11 Reviews)
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Bought V6 used in 2006 with 162K now 235K. Good thing is that it just keeps running for my 70 mile/day commute. I replaced gas filter, O2 sensor, temp sensor, radiator hose, turn signal lever etc. in addition to regular maintenance (oil, filter, tire and brakes). Rack & pinion leaked with some Lucas oil it stopped. Car is running fine and past SMOG checks, however it has cheap interior (mine is a XLE) and the ride is boring. It has some power when you need but the 4 speed tranny gets stuck when pushed hard.
I own a Toyota Camry 1998, bought used, had 90.000 miles, currently has 250,000 and runs great, the only thing I had to change are the shock absorbers have given maintenance services. I highly recommend this vehicle, I have the intention of purchasing another Camry, a car is very reliable and it retains its value.
I've purchased my 1998 Toyota Camry this year 2012 of February with a little over 90,000 miles on it ...the only thing I've had to repair was the timing belt & water pump along with the cover seems to burn gas but other than that its reliable so far. It's better than my gas eater 2003 Silverado Truck
I got this car from my dad with about 170k miles on it. I did the 180k mile service (equivalent of a 60k mile) and have replaced tires and other regular maintenance (including the timing belt, plugs, plug wires and water pump) since then. It has about 230k miles on it and it still runs like the day I got it. I have had zero issues that were not related to regular maintenance.

My mechanic says he regularly services three of these vehicles (same year, engine size, etc.) and mine is the one with the lowest number of miles on it. His highest mileage one has over 500k miles and it's in the same condition as mine.

There's definitely some minor issues, but nothing of concern. I restored the foggy headlights, the seatbelt isn't retracting at 100% strength (I have to help it a bit), the seats and carpets are stained from spilled coffee, etc., but there's nothing there that I would call a dealbreaker.

The summary here is: take care of your car by doing regularly scheduled maintenance and you should be fine.

BTW it's a 4-cyl. so it is a bit underpowered, but still quite peppy for a small engine sedan.
My 1998 Toyota Camry has 137,000 miles on it. It is the first car I have owned that has gotten over a 100,000 miles without breaking down on me. I haven't invested any money in this car that hasn't been routine maintenance. The manufacturers battery lasted 11 years. I live in the northeast next to the ocean and the salt has really been tough on my cars. This car has seen a lot of weather. It is 13 years old and I'm wondering if I should invest the next round of maintenance money in the vehicle??? Timing belt, spark plugs, wires, fluids it adds up. I hope the future generations of vehicles don't require as much $$$ to keep them rolling. This car has been great, highly reliable.
This 1998 V6 3L Camry is my 7th Toyota and at 100k miles is the worst car I've ever owned. Obviously all the replacement parts were needed; timing belt and extras, struts, tuneup, but also strut plates, stabilizer links, suspension bushings, brakes, rotors, wheel bearings, EGR valve, o2 sensors, fuel injectors, oil leaks, window motors (2), and now a starter. A starter. And I know I've forgotten a few things. Toyota suspensions are now weak and unreliable. My girlfriend's 1999 is almost as bad, and it's a 4cyl. Their 6cyl is a waste of space and weight. Planned obsolescence made me abandon American cars - now I'm going to try out a Honda.
I totally regret buying this car. Now having said that it is my fualt for buying used... but the interior is just falling apart the seatbelts wont retract anymore, the buttons fell off the radio, the ac blows cold hot cold hot. I had to replace the tires, rotors, brakes, and need to replace the struts and this is all at 100k. ugh i will say the engine is still running fine as far as i know but it blows crazy black smoke out the exaust when i turn it on.
I bought a used '98 Camry in '05, and it has been great. I had to replace the thermostat first thing because I moved it from Vegas to a colder area, and it was stuck open. The blinker goes strangely fast at times despite all of my lights working, but otherwise, I have had great luck with it as a commuter. It is a lot cheaper than my 3/4-ton pickup.
I bought this car with 193,000 miles. It runs great! Now, I have 240,000 miles on it mostly highway. I get around 28-32 MPG! Since I bought the car, I had put new shocks, timing belt, water pump, and the usual oil change and occassional wheel alignment. Just got 4 new tires, rides like new again! My goal is to drive this car till it hits +300K, that wouldn't be an issue I think!
I bought this car from a family member who wasn't using it much. it had 75k miles on it. From then until now (110k miles), i've had to replace the following: Headlights (glass was foggy), rear struts, rear strut mounts, rear control arms, rear wheel bearing, 2 door handles (broke off). The car drives nice, if you like the really cushy feel to it. The stereo is not real great so I put new speakers in...helped a lot. The main downfall to this car is the 4 cylinder engine. It just isn't enough power. I have driven other vehicles with similar 2.2L engines, and they have better pickup and gas mileage. This car should perform better, and should get better gas mileage. Valve seals are going now, so I see that in the future. I am also replacing the plug wires and spark plugs this Friday....and the saga continues.
I had the Camry for about 7 years and it started to go downhill towards the end. I have high expectations for Toyota since they are supposed to be the most reliable but I found little things going wrong and needing repair like the dashboard lights and window switches.

The engine also had some oil leaks which required the valve cover gasket to be replaced. The car never handled very well. Initially it handled like a boat so I put some aftermarket wheels and sport springs on the camry and they ended up rubbing inside the fender wells when I would hit a bump so it was never quite right. I decided to get a Honda for my next car and that has been better.