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1996 Toyota Camry (11 Reviews)
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Three years ago this month I bought a 1996 Camry LE 4 cylinder (164,000 miles) off Craigslist for $950. It had been in an accident (front fenders and bumper replaced from a wrecking yard)so the body was rough but the interior clean. It came with new snow tires on it and I just use them year round. I had to change the oil pan because the drain plug was stripped. And I've had to change a couple hoses and put new contacts in the starter. I was able to do that stuff myself. I change the engine oil every 5000 miles at wherever there is a $19.95 sale but I'm not going to touch the transmission oil--it looks clean--just drive the car until it drops. I figure the car should last to at least 204,000 miles which will give me 40,000 miles (ten years at the rate I use it) of transportation for a $950 purchase. 21 mpg in the city.
I bought my Camry in 99 and it had 34,ooo miles on it. I'm the second owner and I have 373793 on her now. Never had a major engine or tranny issue. She still rides smooth and even gets 31 mpg on the old 2.2. My next will be a Toyota and I hope it's just as good!
I have a 1996 Toyota Camry Station Wagon 4 Cycl with a 5FSE engine. Other then routine maintenace I have put very little into it. It runs like new.
Best and first car ever!
very reliable car. great city/highway mpg. drive in snow great. the only problem with camrys are that they have a egr problem; with high mileage, most of them idles and stall a lot.
my camry has over 250K miles. it has been a very reliable car. I have had to replace the usual things that ware out like suspension parts, brake parts, CV joints. The engine developed severe oil leaks at about 2020K so I decided to replace it with a Japan engine.
I take care of it and drive it gently.
Excellent maintenance on this car. Has never been in a car wreck.
When I steer hard to the right or left a sound like "clunk" is constant. Otherwise the car steers perfectly with no shimming or excessive tire wear.
Just bought this awesome Camry in July. It is my 5th Toyota and 2nd Camry. (My last one had 238,000 miles on it when I was in a very rocky parking lot in Colorado in April 2009 and unknowingly punctured the oil pan.) I was forced to drive an American car since then and will NEVER drive American again. I bought this car used, and the only things my mechanic had to do were all normal maintenance. When the engine light came on, it was a simple $30 seal. I will always go with Toyota. Looking forward to getting 300,000 miles out of this one. No regrets: Toyota ROCKS!
the lht are not brought enough and the misc s ok
The car has 170,000 miles on it but still works great as long as it receives regular maintenance. After 12 years the only problem I've come across is oil leaks which are easily fixed.