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1995 Toyota Camry (12 Reviews)
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I bought my used 1995 Toyota Camry LE sedan 4-cyl with 82K miles- maybe in 2008. The inside was in great condition, but was that dated light blue color. I immediately replaced the water pump & timing belt because the previous owner had not - that was about $600. Still, I got a good car for a total of $3500. It has never had any rust. As of 2016 this car has been a trooper, it has 171K. The A/c is super cold & the defrost works great. It is not the most prestigious looking car on the road- is not equipped with the latest USB ports or sirius radio, and my large husband does not think it is all that comfy to drive. BUT this car runs. I have, over the years replaced the struts, fuel pump, distributor, radiator, master cylinder, plus regular stuff. It has had a bit of an issue where the gear shift doesn't engage the switch so the key will turn, but I have had that worked on, seems to be way better now. Lately, I have noticed a slight hesitation in the the automatic gear shift when accelerating at around 50 mph. I just ease off the gas and it usually shifts fine. The maintenance costs have been minimal compared to paying several hundred dollars a month (plus higher car ins. & taxes) for something that only decreases in value. I have heard the 1995 V-6 is not such a work horse, perhaps more of the other reviewers will specify which engine is being reviewed. I do not think I will ever get rid of this car, even if/when I do have more $ to put into an automobile. This car is just a great little find if you are lucky enough to come across one that has been well maintained. A car is just to get from point A to point B, and is not worth going into mega debt over. Thanks for reading my review.
We got this car off craigslist had 147,000 miles did put little investment in repairs like struts, brakes, A/C, 2 window motors, wheel bearing and CV boots. It is a Northern car purchased in Connecticut to say with weather climate this owner really took care of this car. No rust, dents nowhere around car looks good in remarkably great condition we have 234,000 miles haven't had no expensive problems with it. Gas mileage estimates 28 mpg 4 cylinder engine is quick very comfortable lots of room its been a keenest car we driven after bought 7 years ago very happy with it driving around town while been well maintained.
This was my very first car and I absolutely LOVED it. Had 350,000 miles on it when we bought it and it and I am confident that it could have made it another 50,000 and maybe even more! It was a very smooth ride and we never had any problems with it other then the usual maintenance. Sadly a lady came up my street going 45mph and totaled it while it was parked. This car will forever make me biased towards camry's!
I bought this used in 2007 from a kia dealer with 248,000 miles as I turned in my 2007 328i BMW $40K leased car. Now 2014 and still drives brand new with over 307,000 miles. Please note I changed the oil with high mileage oi1 every 3K miles along with adding Lucas engine stop leak (does NOT leak). Note: Older cars need more TLC. I replaced the rack when I bought it. I replaced the EGR valve/sensor, intake air hose, strut mounts with new struts and tires, mass air flow sensor. Power steering pump, power steering pressure hose. With older cars things wear out over time. Upper mount torque strut. Oil leak was oil housing unit and front main seals...including cam and crank seals. OVER TIME I FIXED WHATEVER BROKE AT THAT TIME...I DID NOT WANT TO SPEND $25k ON A NEW CAR. I paid $1,999 for car used. It is basic reliable transportation. Good for someone who has monthly mortgage payments and puts their money into an increasing asset rather than a deprec. asset.
I bought this car in 2006 with 134k and have driven it an additional 140k for a grand total of 274k and it is still going strong. Amazing!
my mother bought this car new and passed it on to me in 2003. since mom bought it, the car has 'lived,' with no carport or garage protection, one short block from the beach. except for the salt factor, i would not be looking to buy a new car this year. because of the salt and age, i have replaced the automatic works in both front doors, one cv boot (last week), the steering column cover (also last week) and i am just now seeing some small rust spots developing. the car looks brand new, inside and out. had i known how attached i would become to this car, i would have sprung for longer term replacement tires and batteries! i'm sure if i had put more mileage on the car (it has 82,000 original miles), it might not be in such good condition but it has been an awesome car.
Car was passed down to me though the family. 244000 miles and not a major repair yet. Shocks and struts are completely worn out and are the only thing it currently needs. This car hasn't even been maintained properly. Crazy reliable.
My Camry has 225K miles and is still going strong. This car convinced me to keep buying Toyota vehicles
Like a fine wine, 1995 was an exceptional year for the Camry. They kept it simple, strong and with a surprising amount of design finesse. The engine and trans simply will not die, or shoe signs of wear long into the 100 and 200's with regular fluid changes. The key to life here is not to force high torque out of her. She will float with just the right amount of stop and go as long as you treat her right. Outstanding lifer!
Mine is still running strong with 206k miles on the car! Nothing major needed repair just a new Thermostat, and the usual tune up. an Other than that there is no need to worry about anything! For the styling and lighting and emmissions flawless. I've customized all of my interior and upgraded under the hood. Camry is BEAST
my camry has 228,000 and is still going strong.
I bought this 1995 Camry LE V6 new and have diligently maintained it. I have done all the maintenance that the manufacturer recommends. We've babied the car; there isn't a ding on the vehicle. At 72627 miles I had to have the transmission rebuilt. At 73864 miles it needed a new steering rack. At 75931 miles there was a gas smell coming from the rear of the car. It was intermittent, so I put up with it for a while because the shop couldn't identify the problem. Then it got worse and, at 100212 miles, it was diagnosed as having a gas tank issue. I was told I needed to have the tank repaired or replaced. The repair didn't work, so now I will need to have the gas tank replaced. I have never, ever had any of these kinds of problems on any of my cars (Plymouth, Accord, Toyota Celica, Olds Cutlass, VW bug, 2 Chev Impalas, Chev Malibu, Volvo 240DL) in the past. We bought the Camry because of what we thought would be a reliable car, but it's turned out to be a lemon. By the way, the car runs real nice, but I'm still concerned that the transmission is running on borrowed time. With the problems this car has had, I've convinced my wife to try a Honda Accord next time around.