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1994 Toyota Camry (3 Reviews)
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i bought a 1994 toyota camry le. 6 cyl. i liked it very much ,until the wiring that went to the battery caught on fire. also i was in an accident and another car hit the left front of the car and the air bags didnt deploy. my daughter hit the windshield at this time and had a concussion at this time. the car was totaled at this time. never bought another toyota after that. they are also colder in winter i think, they are not that well insulated. thank you for letting me voice my opinion.
I have a 1994 toyota camry shes still running great the only problem is i have a sun roof and it has started to leak when it rains hard or for many days. I was told the dealership would screw me and I dont no where to go. I got her brand new so I know her history. would like a new one but can't see that at this time. She has way under two hundred thousand miles. Shes my baby.
Hi everyone my name is chris I just bought a 94 camry for le for few hundred dollars its running and everything but when it starts up it stalls and when ir runs don't want to go when u step on gas pedal it like bogs and stuff like that it has over 200k mi on it I was told that it was the ecm but I tried to reset it and it did the same thing I don't want to dump a lot of money into being that I did not pay a lot for the camry put I was told that the camry will last a long time also it has a lot of play when you turn the steering wheel can anyone please help me with this prob or some advice on what it might be or how I can fix it so that way I can get it back on the road maybe someone had same probs I'm having with mine and can help me please I love my camry and want to drive it thanks yall