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1993 Toyota Camry (6 Reviews)
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I went to different mechanics for the engine valve ticking problem. According to some, it has to be checked right away. To some, it's a problem which lead to a recall. I'm wondering if it's free to have it repaired at Toyota since it's a design defect or something. "Check Engine" also comes up, maybe because of this.

I'm not sure if it requires immediate attention because professional mechanics say 2 different things.

Any comment out there?


the only problem I have ever had is the check engine light comes on when I fill up with gas. occasionally I smell gas after filling up for a few minutes then it goes away. other then that no problems at all. 208,000 miles and runs great. I'll just keep up the regular things you do as far as maintenance goes and it'll still be around for a long time!
Best car I've ever owned. 226,000 and going strong.
just bought a 1993 toyota camry 4 cyl 65000 miles from the south having problems running and stalling not sure yet really only 65000 miles and having problems that sucks!!!!
Bought my 1993 Camry three years ago for $500. Ran like crap at first but after a major tune up it ran like new. It had 215,000 miles on it
when I bought it and just spun over to 315,000. It still runs like new!
It's not a beauty by any stretch but gets me from point A to point B
quite dependably. Typical maintenance and this car will continue to run
for a long time
Excellent workhorse 5-spd manual going strong at 286,000 miles. Replaced clutch at 125,000 and 225,000 miles. Distributor replaced at 225,000 and 250,000 (rebuilt part didn't last too long) but the new one works fine now. A/C compressor replaced with junkyard model at about 210,00 miles and still blows cold, cold air. Spark plug wires replaced at 120,000 and 240,000 miles. Plugs I replace every 20,000-30,000 just to keep it clean. Little things like the drivers doorlock tempermental since 1995, but hit it to snap it closed. Guess that's why someone traded it in when it was 2 years old, and I picked it up as the second owner.