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1992 Toyota Camry (8 Reviews)
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Love my 92 Camry LE bought from original guy owner who took excellent care of this car. That was in 2011 since than no problems had 63,000 on odometer now driven 186,000 changed timing belt and tires replaced. Engine runs quiet very fun to drive gets good gas mileage. Think V4 has bit more power than 6 cylinder Camry can handle highways so well I am driving until another 90,000 miles. It was my 1st Toyota but when this car dies my next car will be another Toyota know these cars are reliable mines haven't shown any history of mechanical problems serving me excellent up/down the streets a truly amazing car.
i bought a 1992 toyota camry from a private owner. he said he bought it new . it looked well taken care of to me. he had it recently inspected. anyway ibought it because of the gas milage which was good. bakes were ok. drive train was ok.wireing in door, window would not go down or up some time. engine was good for a couple of years than seals startid to leak very bad on right side of motor. had new exhaust put on. heating cold and drafty in the winter- cab not well insulated.wind shield would freeze up in winter. 4 cyl. i guess. steering ok. suspension fair. unibody was badley rusted was unrepairable. would not pass inspection.
how much did you pay for engine v4 or v6 where did you buy?
I own a 1992 Toyota Camry XLE V6 3.0L the engine family is 3VZ-FE. I originally bought the car from a USED car dealer (Dale's Auto Sales, Hutchinson MN-DO NOT EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS GUY) was a Saturday evening around 7pm in Feb or March of 2005...I took it out for a test drive and I got about 1 1/2 miles away from the dealer and the OIL light came i continued to drive till i was able to turn around which was about 1/2 mile...the car seemed to be running fine...actually great...except for the OIL i brought it back to the dealer and i asked if he knew that the oil light was on...he said that he did not know that...but if i wanted to bring it back when i picked up the title(because the car was from florida and i live in MN) that he would have his mechanic look at it and fix i said well can you come down on the price considering the oil light? he said he would...well he didnt...we made the transaction and i traded my old car for this Camry...well i went to the gas station and got gas...checked the oil and it said it was full...then i went through the car wash and headed back this time it was dark and well after 9pm...i got about 20miles out of Hutchinson MN...and there was a weird noise coming from the engine and then the car shut we pulled over to the shoulder and parked the car and waited and tried to start it...but i called for someone to come get us....went home and pondered what happened and what the problem could possibly be...thought starter...battery....nope neither....well then i brought it into a Toyota Dealership...they tried to run diagnostics on it...BUT...were unable to get the motor to turn over more than a inch....due to them not being able to turn over the engine they were unable to do diagnostics on the i towed my Toyota home again...then i let it sit for about a yr...and did some research....figured out that it had to be the i bought a used engine with 46,000 miles on it....well when i pulled the old motor out...i DISCOVERED THAT A PISTON ROD HAD GONE STRAIGHT THROUGH THE ENGINE BLOCK....(now i know what your thinking...she checked the oil, it was full...and why wasnt there oil all over the ground on the side of the road..rite?) well...the reason is that the oil pump was therefore it wasnt pumping oil outta the oil pan and up through the of course when i checked the oil it registered as i tried to go back to the dealer i bought it from to see if he would do anything about it...NOPE...HE SAID YOU BOUGHT IT AS i thought about the MN lemon law...well guess what that ONLY COVERS VEHICLES THAT ARE BOUGHT FROM A DEALER...FOR 3,000.00$ OR MORE....guess how much i paid....$2995.00...AND HE DIDNT EVEN GIVE ME ANYTHING FOR MY TRADE IN!!! SO i really got screwed on this car...but now that i replaced the engine the car runs pretty great! now i gotta do the front and rear suspension!!
I drive the 1992 Toyota Camry LE Wagon. Just hit 322,000 miles on it and its still running strong. Engine rebuilt at 215,000 miles. Other than minor maintenance issues no problems what so ever. Except the rear hatch does not like to be messed with. As long as you keep up with an oil change every 3,000 miles it will run like a dream. And i wouldnt suggest running full synthetic oil in the older models. It has a tendency to blow out seals. Running a synthetic blend is the best i have found so far. (I wouldnt suggest using Pennzoil either.) Other than minor maintenance it runs and drives like a charm
it a good car
my 1992 toyota camry has 900,000 miles on it the engine is sound. the exhaust came apart at the y vaule other wise its in good shape can some one give me adivce to fix it my email is mayfield321@hotmail