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2007 Toyota Avalon owners review and rate their 2007 Toyota Avalon.

2007 Toyota Avalon (3 Reviews)
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I had a 2005 but got totaled now I am driving a 2007 Avalon Limited purchased in 2011. This car is reliable and comfortable driven have silver color as my other one loving my Avalon its a best pick owning one of these. Does great in city driving plus interior feels like a Buick love elegance in/out of it its in excellent condition. I would buy another in a heartbeat I'm driving this one until 200,000 just did regular oil changes and changed spark plugs at 3,000 miles). Overall Avalon is best car ever owned gorgeous looking very quiet driving after 4 years never given me an problem it's amazing than ever to drive being the best ever.
This is my second Avalon, and I love the car. Small problems with the interior are (1) I have long legs, and the driver's side is tight, sometimes I have trouble getting legs out (even with the adjustable steering wheel, and power seats); (2) the plug-in location to recharge my cell phone is in an awkward location and sometimes does not connect.; (3) there is a noticible blind spot (for me) as I turn left, and look to my right. The combination of right-side mirror plus the roof support post that separates the front windshield and the right-side door creates an occasional blind spot. It has hidden an oncoming car that happens to be in just the right place, given where I am sitting and my view. I've learned to be very careful on left turns.
My engine critique is recent. Immediately following my 60,000
mile checkup, I noticed -- a block away from the dealer and the checkup -- that on turning a corner, the accelerator "hesitated" before
it caught. The power was not consistant. On a return check, the
dealer could find no problems, but the power hesitation persists. It's
something I have to solve, as my wife refuses to drive the car until
she KNOWS it's fixed. Any ideas, Toyota?
Near comparable to Lexus LS for signifcantly less $$. Regular fuel instead of premium, front wheel drive vs rear, rear power sun shade std on Limited vs optional for the LS, larger interior, better fuel mileage.