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2006 Toyota Avalon (7 Reviews)
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I like my Avalon Limited BUT .....
I just learned that to replace my headlight bulbs they need to remove the bumper ( P&L) runs over $500 for both lights - my older Camry cost $30 for parts and 25 min of my own labor. What kind of car co. would build a car that requires removal of the bumper to change the bulb. Although other elements in the car seem to work well after my 8 years of owner ship I am extremely worried what other lame brain ideas guided the decisions that will effect the owners ability to repair their car as it gets older. My other complaint is the suspension which is getting loose, noisy, and less luxury in feel. ( however part of the blame goes to Louisiana roads which are substandard to say the least ) Hope I won't be on the site in a few years complaining about repair cost for things I don't even image yet. I kind of feel like Toyota ( which I have trusted for my last 3 cars) has let me down, hope to be proved wrong !
I bought my 2006 Avalon Limited brand new in December 26,2005. I wrote a shining review on it a few months after I had it. If I knew then what I know now, I would never have bought that car new. I would have leased it and turned it in at the end of the lease and gotten another one. The manufacturers are no fools. They make cars to last up to the end of the warranty or a little beyond. It has been 8yrs and 160,000 miles and in that time I've learned the meaning of what it is to own a luxury vehicle. It means that you pay and you pay a lot for that luxury. The toggle button for the GPS Nav doesn't work right so it takes forever to try and set a destination or scroll through any of the other features of the display that requires the toggle button on the command console thingy. I don't even know how much it would cost to get fixed. The rear shade went up about 3yrs ago and the dealer wants $2000 to repair. I replaced a headlight(HID) and the dealer wants $275. The engine was dropped twice to repair an oil leak under the warranty so I had no out of pocket expense. Now that the warranty has expired and I must pay for the existing oil leaks that keep sprouting up. I recently learned that 2006 was a bad year for the Avalon, but that didn't stop the A/C from malfunctioning. Last year the A/C went up. Why oh why does the dealer want $2300 to repair. I'm so through with owning luxury vehicles. I've made up my mind that if I ever get a luxury vehicle then it would be a lease. I don't know if these are minor concerns or not, but to pay upwards of $40k for a luxury vehicle you don't expect things like this to set you back like they do and it's very disheartening when you buy a car based on the car manufacturer's reputation.

Now, in all fairness, I must write the pro's about this car and believe me there are pro's. The acceleration is still mind-blowing. The transmission is quirky at times, but still performs flawlessly. The electronics get a pass for the most part with the exception of the previously mentioned problems with the media console toggle button. Another quirk, though, is that there's no darn volume indicator to show you how loud you are turning the volume up for the blasted radio. Since my income has taken a hit and I have a large mortgage, I've realized I don't have any extra money to pay for expensive repairs on anything so the only wise choice I can make now is to lease my next car. Even still, who in their right minds would pay $2000 to have a power rear shade repaired? I took the fuse out to stop the annoying grinding gear noise from the shade trying to go down whenever I put the transmission in reverse. I've learned a expensive lesson though and LORD willing it will be the last expensive lesson for a long time to come. When it comes to cars, don't buy and hold expensive cars unless you have the finances for the maintenance over the long haul. It's not worth it and you can lease a later model vehicle without all the drama of repairs and finding a good affordable mechanic.

In summary, I would say the the car during the warranty period was amazing to have, but this 2006 Toyota Avalon Limited did not live up to my expectations of Toyota Reliability and I should know because this is my 4th Toyota in 30 years.
This is my second Avalon. It is smooth and quite and it gets great gas mileage. I have had no problems with my Avalon. It has 65000 miles and I just put my second set of tire on it. I plan on putting another 100000 on it before I purchase another Avalon
Overall, this is a nice car roomy, good gas mileage on highway, etc.
I bought my '06 Limited new after coming to the startling realization (after test drives) that my 60-year-old self now values comfort, room and quiet over sport-sedan athletics. As long as one keeps in mind the obvious -- this is NOT a G35 or a 330 or even a TL -- it's a fine car and an outstanding long-legged cruiser with a strong engine and MPGs that border on the amazing. At 55k miles I have the following observations: strengths are its commodious, beautifully-appointed interior with a back seat worthy of a sheik and small harem; its velvet-smooth power train; its long legs (over 500 miles between interstate fillups) and excellent MPGs (up to 30 at interstate speeds, 22 - 25 around the 'burbs); and oustanding fit and finish. Lesser items: flaccid handling with numb, uninspired steering feel (and the Touring just added a hardher ride, in my view); a very user-hostile GPS, corrected in subsequent years, and truncated sat-radio/music readouts; and occasional abrupt downshifts at low speeds under load.
I know at least a few of these cars have had quality niggles; mine has not and it was zero-defects from delivery until now, as one expects from Toyota. If you're looking for a comfortable, luxurious "poor man's Lexus," this is da bomb. If you want a sports sedan, go elsewhere.
I have 2006, been at best fair..Just had to have timing belt gasket replaced $1200, had to drop the engine out to get at it.
On my 3rd set of tires..and now the air conditioning is a problem ...not the end all be all time maybe a Buick
This has been an outstanding car. Just had a 98 point inspection, the kind used when toyota certifies a used car. Only items needed were an air filter and cabin filter. Everything else on this 3 year old car was in excellent condition. I also use Amsoil in the transmission and engine. I
get better mileage, runs cooler and seems to shift smoother. I change oil and filter every 10,000 miles. This is my third Avalon and I have used Amsoil in all of them with over 140,000 on two of them with no problems except normal wear. i.e. brakes, oil change, tires, etc.