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2005 Toyota Avalon (8 Reviews)
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2005 Avalon XL; purchased it used in 2007 with 17K miles. Currently 111K and drives like the day we bought it, great car. Very comfortable, reliable, and problem free. We have serviced it regularly at the Toyota Dealership and replaced the brakes (rotors & pads, all 4 corners, 650 w/labor)at 90K, to be expected. This has been an outstanding vehicle for our family and gets 25-29 mpg with plenty of power. Avalon's are great cars. Advice; try to purchase the 2005 model year to current, depending on budget. The 3.5L motor doesn't have any issues and the transmission's are very solid (5 & 6 speed versions). There's a reason they have outstanding resale.
I have had this car from 2007. Gets great mpg and has a lot of power. I have done all the recommended service to car and tires and brakes that's it. Very fun to drive and lot of run.
Bought Avalon new and have 140,000 miles on it and only have changed oil, wipers and tires at regular intervals, brakes twice and spark plugs at 100,000 miles ... nothing else. Need to get in for cooling system flush no though overdue
This is the second Avalon we have owned. Thefirst was a 2002 and had no problems when we traded it at 50,000 miles. Other than oil and filter, and wiper blades, we stuck nothing else into it. We have 95,000 on our 2005 Touring and the only thing we have done is the oil and filter changes.wiper blades, a set of brake pads at 60,000 and 2 sets of tires and a new battery in 2010. My wife drives it everyday to work and we have taken numerous trips with it and never had a problem.
I have owned Toyotas since 1973, and this is the first dud I've had. It was wonderful at first, but I have had nothing but problems since. I've experienced virtually every problem you can find on the Internet regarding this car, including 4 recalls. The steering consistently pulls right, and I've chewed through tires. I had the oil line burst, shimmy in the wheels at freeway speeds, oxygen sensors go out 4 times, among others. And now, at only 67K miles, I just got an estimate for over $4000 to repair the rack and pinion and an oil leak in the timing cover. If you're considering buying this model, run!
I have a 2005 Avalon Limited with 69000 miles. I recently had problems with the dual zone climate control. The drivers side was dramatically warmer than the passenger side with both set on LO. I started by checking the servo controlled actuators for both driver and passenger sides and found they were functioning properly. I read that low R134a refrigerant could possibly cause this. The mechanics at Firestone confirmed it and proceeded to evacuate and recharge the system. No leaks were found. This whole ordeal cost $169.
i have a 2005 toyota avalon and i love it!! i have over 84000 mile on it now and i have not had to replace anything besides brakes, air filter and tires!!! which i just changed my air filter to a k&n and i got one mpg better and i i use full sen oil andi change
Problems with Tranny making a vibration noise at 3-45 MPH, in 5th gear.

I have 104,000 miles on this car. Great care except for tranny.