2004 Toyota Avalon Reviews and Owner Comments

2004 Toyota Avalon owners review and rate their 2004 Toyota Avalon.

2004 Toyota Avalon (5 Reviews)
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Bought this one used with 114,000 miles. Have had nothing but continuous expensive repairs. Love the looks of the car, both inside and out. Love the ride and all the conveniences but hate the expense. From papers left in car, new price was $35,774. I paid $7900. Have paid out about $7500. Which means I paid over $15,000 for a car that list at 12,000.
this car is like a Camry XLE from later years...solid as can be...
Wish I could afford a new car jap junk made in non-union assembly plants.
Whats with the brakes?
Bought our car new Oct ’03. My wife picked this car over any other car, mainly for its roomy back seat and comfortable ride. At the time I didn’t even know that Toyota made a model called the Avalon. I have come to like this car for its overall economy in MPG, maintenance and great ride. In 53,000 miles we have replaced 4 tires and the rear brakes. It’s not a head turner, nor a tire burner, but it has been (and I hope it continues to be) a very good value. I have had 20 plus cars so far, some new, some not so new and the only one I liked more was our Cadillac ETC, it was a head turner and tire burner. It was also tens of thousands of dollars more than the Avalon.

In summary: the items I like are good quality/cost-to-own, comfortable ride, and classy looking interior. The items I don’t like are the plain looking exterior styling and lack of power. It seems that both of issues have improved in newer models.
A Very Solid Car