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2001 Toyota Avalon (9 Reviews)
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My 2001 Toyota Avalon (purchased new) is fantastic. I have 340,000km (212k miles) and just purchased new Toyo tires Versado Noir and now rides brand new - maybe even better if you can believe it. Tire install felt like having new shock absorbers. I had very little maintenance except making some minor rust repairs as I live in Canada (sorry signed in from NY state to get on site). It rides great and expect more years of great ride (hence new tire buy).

Some minor glitches over years were dealt with but overall I am super satisfied. I did do timing belt at 150k, changed oil/filter regularly. Did not do scheduled maintenance. Replaced strut arm in rear and 1 tire bearing (noisy), that's about it over the brake/tire maintenance over last 16 years.

I see an Avalon post with over 500k km. Wow, even though it cost a pretty penny when I bought it in 2001 it was well worth it. It rides like a Lexus (in fact has Lexus motor, etc) and in the comparable Lexus model/same size was in G class. So all in all super happy!

Hello (after my post),
I submit a few "glitches" I dealt with. Maybe it can help other Avalon owners.

Glitch 1
I was annoyed that after car was turned off, all doors (except driver) remained shut. I saw a post on how to disable the auto shut. It is about a 1 minute procedure with turning key and a few buttons in sequence. It works except when battery is disconnected again it reverts to same old, so may have to do number of times. I keep the instructions handy and this procedure (at dealer if they know how and maybe costing hundreds) is great.

Glitch 2,
3 or 4 times my car did not start or lights were blinking internally. Simple fix: ensure battery terminals are well connected. It loosens after a few years. Again, dealer scratched their head, but simple positive battery reconnect worked.

Glitch 3,
I found rear strut assembly kept sounding clunky after 10 years. Get the right pieces from a reliable service person and replace to make solid.

Glitch 4,
After 12 years, noticed car was sluggish or did not start right off. Clean carburetor for any sludge build-up. 100 buck should do it. Do not get dealer to tell you you need new expensive spark plugs (6 or so -and very expensive). Also at 340k started to use occasional super gas to help clean injectors . maybe even that small bottle of engine cleaner in full gas tank helps. Car now purrs like a kitten.

Positive 1
New right tires make car work great and super quiet. No need for new shock absorbers, etc.

Positive 2
Car uses 8.7 litres / 100 km highway after 16 years. Better than original specs. Amazing!

Positive 3
No need to change anything ,refer to glitches.

Positive 4.
I am perplexed some people complain about minor stuff. Understand if it is major but you get what you pay for, how you drive and maintain car. Maybe with other brands they would be less complaining. You can never please all the people all the time.

Happy driving.

I bought a 2001 Avalon new, has 110,00 miles now and still love it. Needs a wheel alignment & have had problems with the engine light, this is the 3rd time it came on and that is the emissions things. Has never been worked on other than the emissions in 11 years..
I purchased my 2001 avalon xl 2 weeks ago with 126,000 miles and it is flawless. I commute 70 miles daily and with this car I had to look at the speedometer twice and could not believe I was going wind noise, velvet smooth ride. This is my 2nd Avalon the first being a 1995 xl that I retired with 297,750 miles on it. Plan on keeping this one for 6 years (120,000 miles). I went to have an alarm installed and across the street was a used car dealer and I observed a family test drive and look over what appeared to be a '99 Avalon so I walked over there and asked the guy if he was buying the car, he responded that he was thinking about so I told him flat out 'Buy it". Avalon's are the best kept auto secret.
I bought my 2001 Avalon new early '01 and have 291,500 miles on it. The biggest problem was a rear suspension noise issue which did not get fixed despite replacement of most of the parts. Eventually, a local mechanic discovered that the trailing arm bolts were stripped, something he had never seen before, and something two dealers and other mechanics had "missed." I replaced the computer (with a used one I had rebooted at a dealer). A recent problem with the timing was caused by critters getting into the timing belt area. Now, with all the miles, the car runs beautifully and I am looking forward to trying for 400K.
I have a 2001 TOYOTA AVALON 123,000 miles .THE ONLY CAR I KNOW THAT CAN KEEP A 70 deg inside while 115 deg outside for an hour at IDLE WITH NO CHANGE IN ENGINE TEMPERATURE!!! DO I NEED TO SAY MORE???!!!
I purchased this car in 2009 with 100k miles on it because after doing a ton of research I expected, with care, it would be good for another 100k miles.

So far I'm not disappointed - the car has had a couple issues but no major repairs. Battery died, but it was the original factory battery so it had a good run. Rear rotors were extremely rusty and had to be replaced. Also shortly after I got it, it had a PCV valve issue (same as listed on RepairPal in the "frequent problems" area).

That said, overall the car is great. I feel safe and like it can be relied upon. I drove it 1,000 miles cross-country and back, and no issues.

Overall, I would highly recommend this car and am pleased with the quality in a used car. If you're looking for reliability, many of the components are identical to the Camry which also has a good track record and is a popular car making parts easy to find.
I bought this car "new" at the end of 2001. I love my 2001 Avalon, however, with only 12,000 miles on the odometer, new brakes were needed. At 50,000 miles, it needed all new shocks. All highway miles, on my car and it is pampered. Love my Avalon, best car I have ever owned.
I have owned this car since August 2005 and love it. Major repairs were brakes.