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2000 Toyota Avalon (13 Reviews)
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My 2000 Toyota Avalon has 232,000 miles and runs and feels great, I have a 2003 highlander with 96,000 miles but prefer the Avalon because is a better ride and have no problems with it. The Avalon is my regular ride every where. I am the second owner, the music system and a/c are excellent. Is a XLS 6 cyl.
The high millage does not matter as long I take good care of the car and do the fluids changes and tune ups my self.
I have owned this 2000 avalon since 2003. It has never left me anywhere. I've had problems with the rear stabilzer links. I had a engine sludge problem, because I didn't change my oil as scheduled. I flushed the engine and had the oil passages blown out. this car just runs and runs. I have 250,000 on it. You can't beat the quality of a toyota.
My 2000 Avalon which I bought new, has 187,000 miles. Except for routine maintenance, it has virtually been problem free. I have a new Camry but I love my Avalon best-it rides like a Lexus still.
Bought my 2000 Avalon in Dec 2003, with 135K on the odometer. Had brakes replaced in 2010, as well as catalytic converter a month earlier. Now have over 175K. No major problems other than those, and it has been one of the nicest cars I've owned (my 93 Bonneville was roomier). I need to replace my spark plugs and am wondering if the iridium tipped plugs recommended are necessary, or is it just a manufacturer's suggestion. They are more expensive. Would it harm the engine if stock plugs were used?
I live in colorado with steep foothills. I have to replace brake pads three times in7 years. The milage was 50 k when I buytin 2005, 2012 has 148k. Had idler arms replaced, front and rear.
True about toyota delerships replacing parts/ they replaced my water pump after having to repair a hose, to save me labor costs later. Frunt wheel bearings had to be replaced just after I bought it. (squealed cornering.)
The engine has great pickup on the road. Rear seating is quite roomie. The anti skid and allwheel drive is most excellent. It has gotten out of some hairy situations in mud and snow. (just let the computer do its job)
ps the flap over gas cape won't work when you pull inside gas cap cover opener.

I have a 96 with 300K miles on it and it still runs very strong. The body is falling apart faster than the engine. Now I have a 2000 Avalon as well and this car is so comfortable. It drive very good and has a strong engine. I change the oil every 3k miles. Car has 110K miles on it and so far I have had no problems. Stick with Toyota folks....You'll love them.
2000 Toyota Avalon XLS. 212,500 miles. Replaced transmission at 197,000 miles. Change oil every 6-7 thousand miles. Only changed brake rotors, brake pads. & tires at normal intervals. Changed timing belt & water pump 2x. Need to replace shocks.
Still drves better than anything from GM,Ford & Chrysler. Hope to get at least 300,000 miles
Also have a 2011 Honda Accord V6 EXL. Avalon is quieter.
Have a 2000 Avalon with 260,000 plus miles. That equals 122 in Ford years My strategy: keep it away from a dealer, except for oil changes. Check engine light comes on once or twice a year, turn it off by disconnecting the positive cable on your battery. It will usually occurs due to a misfire during starting, My car still gets over 30 miles to a gallon on the road and I have never changed the plugs or wires timing belt or water pump. Car is a dream. Have been bitten by the dealer about oxygen sensor, it is a rip off in most cases. Strategy to long lie of vehicle, drive the speed limits, change the oil every 5 or 6,000 miles and trans fluid and power steering fluid @ 150,000. Have dealer do these as the Toyota additives seem to work long term.
Preparing it for a cross country trip, get it washed and treat it to wax it is eleven now
Hi Wolfman. I've had my Avalon for almost 11 years, original owner. DO NOT take your car to the dealer! I've been to four in Tampa Bay; all of them lie. One tried to sucker me into replacing all my belts, even though they had been replaced in the past year. Why? I asked
because they didn't see a sticker, unique to Toyota dealers. No one even looked at the belts!! My car has 125,000 and runs great! Find yourself a good mechanic and you'll most likely find out your car is in good shape. Oh, one problem from day one; vibration. I have to have the tires balanced (on) the car or I have a vibration in steering and seat.
THIS 2000 TOYOTA AVALON IS THE BEST CAR EVER! It now has 165,000 miles on it and rides like a dream. The airconditioning is far superior to the MERCEDES airconditioning...which is the car I used to drive.
I bought my Avalon new in 2000 and have had no problems. 125,000 miles and going strong. The roominess in the backseat is hard to beat.
It has become known to me that almost on every toyota the gas tank is broken, which tells me that the design of the gas tank should be highly reconsidered for redesigning. also i think that toyota are extremely high in cost to keep scheduled maintainence.
2nd owner. 135k miles. Car is OK, but emission problems frustrate me. Dealer says we have to replace all 3 catalytic converters at $2600 because they can't troubleshoot and find the specific problem!! And Toyota tells them to do this, supposedly. Constant electrical problems. $500 to replace valve cover gaskets!!