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1995 Toyota Avalon owners review and rate their 1995 Toyota Avalon.

1995 Toyota Avalon (4 Reviews)
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One owner with 256,000 miles; a great car for over 18 years; only 2 negatives; I have had to replace the front passenger power window regulator twice and the rear suspension has a "noise" problem that neither Toyota dealers or independent repair shops have been able to diagnose and repair. Otherwise, this car is a winner!
55,600 miles, only replacements are tires and one battery. Like new and the best driving car ever.
My 1995 Avalon XLS has 308,000 miles on it. It's been and still is a great car, having only required one emergency fix - a bad A/C compressor that shorted out the heater/vent fan circuits causing those fuses to blow.

Over the years, I've done mileage-related replacements on preventative maintenance schedule - tires, belts, hoses, fluids and filters, brake pads and one set of rotors. I had a stuck left rear caliper that necessitated replacement of rear rotors and pads.

I've changed CV assemblies once, timing belt kit once, spark plugs once, both oxygen sensors and one ABS sensor and fixed a small valve cover leak. So far, a great repair record over 16 years.

It runs like a top and by frugal driving, I get between 28 and 31 MPG. Fit and finish remain excellent. I only had one rust spot - on the driver's side upper corner of the windshield. Body shop fixed that some years back. I wax it twice a year using Carnuba wax and keep the engine compartment and undercarriage clean.

To sum it up, it's the nicest and most expensive car I ever bought, but the cheapest car I ever owned.
245000 miles and still running good. Recently it started leaking oil from the valve cover gasket