2011 Toyota 4Runner Reviews and Owner Comments

2011 Toyota 4Runner owners review and rate their 2011 Toyota 4Runner.

2011 Toyota 4Runner (3 Reviews)
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I own a 2011 4Runner, 4x2 with 92,0000 miles on it. I have enjoyed it until today when I carried it in with a roaring sound. They came out to tell me my rear wheel bearings are bad. Not a cheap fix. Bearings are right at $400.00 each and Labor was going to run me another $550.00 + the tax. So as of today not to happy with my 4 runner :(
When shifting into overdrive there is a knocking or rattling sound which comes and goes when shifting into overdrive it is comming from the engine or transmission. Brakes seem to lock causing car to lunge foreward. Has anyone had these problems.
Just bought the 2011 SR5.
Drove it back home 65 miles from the dealership.
I miss my bucket seat from my 2003 Sport Edition. The engine is smoother since it is a five speed and not a four speed like my 2003.It looks bigger in and out.
Too new to rate...But for now i give it 5 stars.