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2010 Toyota 4Runner owners review and rate their 2010 Toyota 4Runner.

2010 Toyota 4Runner (4 Reviews)
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I have put 40,000 miles on my 2010 & have no complaints. Gas mileage is really better than I expected it to be. It is comfortable & handles well. I just pulled my 16' fiber glass bass boat with 50hp merc 3,000 miles and averaged 19.1 mpg from Kansas to Florida & back. If it were a heavier boat I would want a larger engine but would have to go to a Sequoia which I love to drive.
i purchased my 4runner 2 years ago brand new and its probably the best car i've ever owned and i've owned many cars, looks great and makes me feel good driving it. never anything wrong with it. the only problem i have are the dealerships that sell and service these cars, just horrible service. dealer experience is why ill never buy another Toyota, not the car itself.
Brakes are aweful, and Toyota needs to fix this issue or I will never buy another Toyota. When you step on the brake pedal, nothing happens for the first few inches of brake pedal travel, so you tend to jab the brakes at that point as you are not stopping at all. Then the brakes activate all of a sudden and you are nose-diving. The modulation is terrible! You expect more for $40k, to say the least. Also, it is very easy to setoff the stability control going around corners, which is very disconcerting. The suspension is unsettled, which makes the vehicle feel tippy.
Have 2010 SR5 4Runner 4wd only 3 months old and have rust on frame and on axles and parts of axle, also when driving if you press on brake peddle too hard the brakes lock up without antilocks braking system kicking in. When coming to a stop after coming off the highway and if you step on the gas before a complete stop the engine races but the transmission does not engage