2004 Toyota 4Runner Reviews and Owner Comments

2004 Toyota 4Runner owners review and rate their 2004 Toyota 4Runner.

2004 Toyota 4Runner (3 Reviews)
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Love my 2004 4Runner! Bought it new on December 2003. It is currently 118K and so far, it's been great! I changed out factory tires at 60K for the Michelin tires at Costco. It is still under original gray paint. Still shiny after each wash. I've drove my truck down to CA from WA at least once a year. It has been through rain, sleet, and snow. LOVE IT!
Had a grand cherokee before that went to 167,000 miles. 3 sets of brakes, 2 sets of tires and 2 water pumps.
This 4-runner is much better. I have 127,000 miles on this baby and I love it! Would buy another one in a minute. After 80k miles I put new tires on it, Nokians which is a better tire in the snow than Michelin. Bridgestone's were on the car and were terrible.
One set of brakes put on front at 60k, back at 120k. Very happy with the truck!
The best car I've ever had. I use it for a couple of long trips a year, pulling the fishing boat in and out of all sorts of conditions, and a 40 mile commute every day. 108k on it with no repairs. I keep the tires rotated and aligned and have gotten 55-60k each set. Still drives like new and gets 21mpg overall. I'll drive this one 'till the wheels fall off and gladly buy another..