1998 Toyota 4Runner Reviews and Owner Comments

1998 Toyota 4Runner owners review and rate their 1998 Toyota 4Runner.

1998 Toyota 4Runner (5 Reviews)
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love the car no problems till now try to start just hear relay click nothing works on switch headlights and horn are good would be gratefull for any ideals
This is a very good truck my truck has got me trough anythang ive went through with no problem
I bought my 3rd used 4runner in 2002 (a 1998) with 40,000 + - miles. It now has 178,000. However, the body has a LOT of rust. I hope they now make them more Vermont friendly or any place where road salt is a necessity in winter. The only other fault I've had is with the brakes. Overall, I have loved it and it has basically been trouble free. I would buy another if they were more affordable.
Hunted out of this Four Runner for years just have to make sure to rotate the tires, They seem to cup with the four wheel drive, Had to change one injector from running cheap gas besides that really reliable.