1994 Toyota 4Runner Reviews and Owner Comments

1994 Toyota 4Runner owners review and rate their 1994 Toyota 4Runner.

1994 Toyota 4Runner (7 Reviews)
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I LOVE my 4Runner! I bought a 94 about 5 years ago and have kept up on maintenance so it runs like a champ. The 3.slow engine can be frustrating when going up hills but it is great for 4wheeling and driving in the snow. I put KM2 tires on it and even with the slower engine my 4runner can hold its own in the mud and snow. They just dont make em like this anymore...
i have a 94 ben a pain. new hg timing belt water pump exhaust shocks blow out in wear and know my rear end is going out. one thing after another. hoping this will end soon. doing the rear end tomorrow
I don't know how to rate my car
Love my 4Runner, I had a 1990 with 340,000 miles on it and it finally died. Bought a 1994 because I needed the tailgate and they changed it in 1996 to a lift back. Great car.
I bought this car used in 1999 and have put over 175k on it. Thankfully Toyota put in a new engine on a recall at 153k so now it has 240k on the body but less than 100 onn the engine. It has been used and abused, son took it to college and drove it on the beach for three years, but still is reliable transport. Paint is original and not bad.
had my 1994 for 2 years then died with 215,000 it overheated but was a good car in the snow
Had a few issues with rear springs, like many in this year range. Also have always been leery of the reported HG problems, although I've seen nothing on mine yet. Overall, great feeling truck.