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2007 Suzuki XL-7 (5 Reviews)
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Bought this car brand new! have had to have the timing chain repaired 4 seperate times! Just had a new power steering pump installed! brakes replaced 3 times!!....Wish I never bought it!!
I too had the squealing in the steering that started at 40,000 miles up to 70,000. Suzuki could never determine what the problem was. I was told all sorts of things such as an air back pin was the noise, lol. Luckily it cost me only a $100 vs $1200 for repair with an extended warranty. They replaced the steering mechanism gearbox. I now have 90,000 miles on mine and they just replaced both front wheel bearing and the trans axle bearing which is covered under drivetrain 100,000 mile warranty. If it feels like you have a humming or from the front right get it checked out. Don't mistake it for just normal road noise. It took this problem occurring since 40,000 miles to finally get it fixed. Good Luck
I have same problem with power steering making noise. I don't know how much tis cost,but seem like around thousand dollar. I dont know why suzuki doesn't recall back. alot of suzuki xl7 2007 have power steering noise. hope to hear from suzuki or some one else commone. I will trade my suzuki for other car rather then suzuki if they don't fix the power steering or recall it.
GARBAGE!!!!! Transmission and computer needed to be replaced by 48,000 miles. Air conditioning worked for only the first summer that we had the car. Both vanity mirror covers broke off within the first year. Rear wiper fluid sprays INSIDE the car. Front wiper fluid doesnt spray at all. All of these issues occurred withing the first year and a half of ownership. Never again would I own a Suzuki
I have been having power steering problems ever since I purchased the vehicle at 18,000 miles. I initially thought it was a small oil leak, but I only discovered the leak in my driveway is a power steering leak after 36,000 warranty. I had to fill my fluid once a month. Now it's once a week. The dealership said it would cost $982 to fix it if the part is available. After much research, many people are having the same problem as I am, so I'm very upset with Suzuki. This is my first new car and I got it to avoid mechanical problems. I was totally wrong.
The squealing is so bad now, so I'm afraid my power steering fluid is not being utilized by the car. Wish I could give it back to Suzuki.