1996 Suzuki Sidekick Reviews and Owner Comments

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1996 Suzuki Sidekick (2 Reviews)
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This vehicle has worked great for me.I've had it for three years and have only replaced the
exhaust system, the water & fuel pump.The engine is powerful enough and I am getting around thirty one mpg city no complaints on the fuel economy.The steering and suspension are great and so is the four wheel drive.I've never gotten stuck even in deep
This Car has it's Pros and it's Cons. It was driven for 11 Years on a regular basis then sat for another 3 Years without being worked on at all, Before it was in my Hands. Despite going through some of the roughest Winters and most of the problems coming from the Engine...The old dog never croaked over. The Interior holds up nice, Almost no problems with the Brakes, Suspension & Steering, Transmission, Electrical, and it mows right through Snow. Rusted around the gas tank pretty badly and the AC stop working. But Overall a good sturdy Car gets you from Point A to Point B and is very good on gas too. I'm currently getting these problems checked out and fixed also.