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2005 Suzuki Grand Vitara (4 Reviews)
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Dear all,
I just bought a Grand Vitara, called in Mexico Tracker by General Motors.
Main concern that I have is about lights:
1. The rear ones do not works (brake and reverse works properly) but normal rear light do not.
2. Fog lamps do not work, and
3. All backlight from IPCluster, HVAC and automatic transmission indicator of speed are not illuminated when front lamps are turned to on.
What can I do? ...I already checked fuses and looks OK ... thanks!
Where do you find a Clock Spring for 2005 Grand Vitara? These cars never break down. There are no spare parts out there.
Excelent car, I love everything!
Remote doesn't work and is apparently quite the mystery to fix. Something in the electrial system. Dome light doesn't come on when door is opened either. Related.
Otherwise, no problems. Perfect size, handling, power and just cute as a bug. Interior could be plusher but that is my complaint about most vehicles.