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2014 Subaru Outback (2 Reviews)
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Bought Premium Outback to replace 2006 VW Jetta TDI w/183K, primarily because I wanted a more reliable car for my wife to drive. CV auto takes some getting used to, but seems to be as advertised. Interior, electronics, ride, features, etc. all excellent.

With approx. 10K miles on vehicle, wife begins 220 mi. highway trip. 30 miles into trip, at 70 mph highway speed, vehicle starts billowing smoke screen trailing the car...looked like a NASCAR race, engine blown. Pulling off the highway and into a gas station, she shuts the car down; check engine light and low oil light are on.

When I arrive, I check vehicle, no oil discernible on dipstick check; oil and/or other fluids flowing freely away from parked vehicle. Use Subaru service, have wrecker transport to dealer.

In diagnosing the problem, the dealer, under the direction of the factory, pulls engine from car. Problem found: bad rear main seal. Under air pressure, the leak was felt by finger touch; approximately 1/2" in length between seal and outer seal block.

A warranty repair all the way; nobody has any idea how it could have happened except through a bad part and/or faulty installation, all at factory. Subaru is replacing the seal at their cost, placing motor back in vehicle; vehicle still under original 5yr/60K warranty period.

We have a dealer loaner at no cost to us but are without our vehicle for an entire week with limited mileage restrictions on the loaner vehicle. I'm wondering if any permanent damage to the engine was sustained while experiencing this mail seal failure at highway operating speeds.

Any suggestions on how to have them test for engine damage?
I loved my 2010 Outback and bought the 2014 for better mileage and some updates. The mileage is so much worse that I took it in to the dealer They were not the least concerned that it is getting more that 5 miles less per gallon than my 2010.