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2001 Subaru Outback (3 Reviews)
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had over heating problems , finally had head gasget done ? so far so good ? car has 147,000 miles on it now ! replaced radiator twice ! had problems with engine light , ok since head gasget ! car runs ok now but was a disapointment , over rated , expensive repairs , dont belive the hype !
Bought my "Beanie" new in 2001. At 55,000 miles the front end differential destructed which required repair and a new transmission. Cost me over $3,000. Subaru doesn't stand behind their product nor does the dealer. They would not pay for the repairs. Even though I had the car at the dealership asking them to check out the car because of some front end noise. They weren't able to diagnose the problem and on my way home from the dealer, the car seized up and I had to tow it back to the dealer.
Any normal maintanence that needs to be done is priced way above what I have had to pay for any other vehicle. Even when checking out separate Subaru dealers, I have found the prices are not the same, What's up with that? Same car, same parts.......
Charlotte - Lexington Michigan
This was my 5th of 6 Subaru's and most likly my last. Front rotor's were an issue until I replaced them with a slotted performance set on all 4 corners @ 40,000 miles. My model was a LL Bean with every option, the interior was great except for the leather which was more like vinyl and not very comfortable for the liong haul. The heating and cooling was for the most part poor, I had to tape up the slot on the drivers side so my foot wouldn't melt with the heater on. I owner it for 8 years and 130,000 miles. The body held up very well, it was great in the snow. Not all that quiet with 2 sun roofs, seemed to have alot of wind noise. This one like all my other subaru's needed frequent alignments but that was with all the models I've owned. The son owns a 2006 Impreza and he just replaced the brakes and rotors after just 30,000 miles. By the way we're not agressive drivers.I've seen starting in 1995 when I purchased by first subaru, btw the best one I ever owned, that their quality has decreased but the sticker's have increased. Bottom line, great when the weather is bad but for the price there are better choices.