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2010 Subaru Legacy (2 Reviews)
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2010 Legacy GT 6spd manual, 2nd Subaru ( last one was a 2002 WRX Wagon ). I am a HUGE Subie fan, and have enjoyed fantastic experiences with both vehicles. In fact, my mother now drives a 2008 Outback v6, my father 2013 Legacy Premium, my sister-in-law 2013 Forester.

The Legacy GT offers a much more mature and sophisticated ride, plush comfortable interior, and upscale styling to the WRX's street fighter demeanor. But it doesn't give up any performance with 35 HP more than the old WRX.

I baby my Subarus with maintenance, Mobile 1 oil and filters, BP premium gas, nothing but the best in parts. It may cost a little more ( $0.20/ gal, no biggie ), but you will get that money back if you ever sell it.

I sold my WRX at 10 years old with 177k miles, sold in 3 days for $3000.

Take care of your Subaru, and it will take care of you.
Purchased a 2010 legacy limited. this is my 2nd subaru and I love it. Nice solid feel to the whole car. Rides like a dream! The brakes are just a little softer than what I'm use to.Got the 3.6 engine and mostly do freeway driving and first tank I averaged 29.0 mpg. Great car.