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2007 Subaru Legacy
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By on 2/17/13 | Framingham, MA
When I test-drove my '07 Legacy I fell in love. The car handled like a dream. Steering was tight, with zero body roll - which the five star score for suspension and steering hints at - and the engine let out a gentle rumble that I loved. The car had an understated elegance which the new model lacks. "Platypus" comes to mind. During snowstorms, so common in the Northeast, this car kept driving long after Accords and Camrys got stuck.

Fast forwarding to ~50,000 miles, I had to replace my first wheel bearing. Two more were to come, both before 150,000 miles. I soon learned that wheel bearing failures are epidemic with Subaru cars, be they Legacy, Impreza, Forrester, or Outback models. So much for Subaru's safety focus.

The beginning of the end came at 140,000 miles. At that point, I discovered that both head gasket and front cam seal were leaking. Subaru specialists told me I had little time before the engine went bust.

Being worn out with my Legacy's issues - in addition to a deer hit that cost 8k to repair and a rear collision from a young kid talking on a cell phone which led to a poor repair - I lost any shred of motivation to fix this car. I was simply not paying over 1K to repair the engine only to wonder what else would break.

Honestly, I love the way the car handles. I love how I can count on this car during a snow storm. I know that if my car can't handle a road, most cars can't handle that road either. But I feel cheated. I thought I bought a car, but I bought a toy.

I don't know what this "Subaru Reliability" thing is that people talk about. Data and reviews based on that data clearly show that Subaru has subpar reliability. Ford and Dodge, two brands I have long associated with low reliability, have superior reliability. My previous Mercury Mystique, a cheap cheap car, drove to 175,000 miles without major issues. Subaru can't?

So figure out what you want in a car. Reliability you probably won't get. If my experience says something, you may find yourself in the shop more often than you expect.

...but you will get good handling for a cheap midsize sedan. You will get a car with an outstanding all-wheel drive system that you genuinely can count on. If these matter to you, the Legacy still makes sense. But you will need to budget for the extra time and money you will spend on this car. Here are some of the costs I ran into in 150,000 miles:

- Three unexpected 4-tire changes due to a single sidewall cut (which you can't repair). At $125/tire, this equals roughly $1.5K unexpected expenses (vs
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