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2005 Subaru Legacy (2 Reviews)
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This is the second Subaru I have owned, It will be the last. It's great when everything is working properly. So far outside of routine maintenance, let's see where to start. At the radio was recalled, the one in my car would actually spit the cd's out when it felt like it and shot them into the back seat, the heater control panel went bad had to be replaced under warranty. The rear wheel bearings went bad, and not at the same time, at about 40K. There was a recall but the garage wouldn't fix both at the same time, had to return about 2 months apart to have the other one replaced. Less than a year later there was another recall for the main computer, it took only a few minutes once the garage got it in. At about 100K the driver side muffler went bad, this is a FACTORY item to the tune of $400. ( Side note, outside of brakes, filters, fluids,wipers, small things, its ALL Factory items ) At 120K kept hearing this high pitch squeal inside the car, only when the car was moving at least at 20mph, bearing in the main drive shaft leading to the rear, $640 just for part. Check engine light on at the 120K also. Catalytic converters not functioning properly, there are 3 on this model. One is $1,400, the other two are $820 a piece. With the check engine light on the cruise flashes and does not work. Bought it with hopes of having a car that would last 300K, but it will bankrupt me before I can get to that point. All wheel drive means replacing all 4 tires at one time. Definitely not a car that I would recommend to anyone, and for craps sake Subaru, I am not the only one that has had the exact same issues, its called a RECALL, if the other car manufactures can back theirs, I don't see why you can't! Regardless last Subaru this family will own.
Bought a 2005 Sabaru Legacy Wagon turbo in 2007 with only 4,000 miles on it. Zero problems. Best car we have ever owned. All our kids vie for chances to drive it.