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2003 Subaru Legacy (2 Reviews)
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I have hade my 2003 Subaru legacy for 2 years runs great drives great the best car I have owned for winter driving heats great cools great I just cant say more than just a great car seems if you take care of them they run great don't take in red and wow you don't have head problems drive with common sense and it will treat you good never ben on the side of the road more than I can say for vw much nicer car love it will by another next time a wrx sedan cant what
I am the original owner of an 03 Legacy SE wagon that currently has 131,000 miles. The car has been reliable, but has cost a small fortune in repairs. Head gaskets, rear wheel bearing, 2 exhaust systems, the rear light cluster leaked and needed replacement, rear stabilizer bar broke, front control arm replaced, and today, one of the glass sunroofs shattered. Tires last around 30,000, and must be replaced in sets of 4, fuel economy is around 25mpg in suburban driving. Engine is noisy with a bad case of piston slap (normal according to Subaru), and it leaks oil. The head gaskets are leaking again, but using Subaru cooling syatem conditioner has slowed the leak to where I add coolant about once every two months.