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2001 Subaru Legacy (1 Review)
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I've got just over 129,000 miles on my GT wagon. It is a pleasure to drive and it handles exceptionally well in any weather. I bought it used 11/08 with 102,000 miles. The non-scheduled repairs so far have included the starter at 120,000; then a tensioner bolt sheared-off and the timing belt then damaged all the valves, so the heads were replaced, new timing belt, etc. to the tune of $3200; Both catalytic converters failed at 127,000 for an additional $825. I can't fault Subaru for the sheared bolt as I don't know who changed the timing belt prior to me buying the car. On a more positive note, my mother still drives a '91 Legacy with 240,000 miles and all she's done is replace the tranny at 175K and the starter at about 200K. Not bad for a car that has never received any scheduled maintenance or even regular oil changes!