1995 Subaru Legacy Reviews and Owner Comments

1995 Subaru Legacy owners review and rate their 1995 Subaru Legacy.

1995 Subaru Legacy (2 Reviews)
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Oh yeah, I also own a 95 legacy. Never left me stranded, or had any unpredictable problems, just front oil seals, belts, fuel filler tube and tuneups, buy an old suby and fix it, the 4wd is better too. runs laps around my 04 lemon, rust holes and all.
Bought the car used. Runs great. Only complaints is both headlight went out within a week of each other, the electrical seems like it's not strong enough for some things (ie. power door locks), the check engine light absolutely refuses to go off, and the whole car shudders when braking. Now, really, the shudder might be the brakes need replacement and the battery might need replacement, after all, the car is 13 yrs old with 207000 miles on it! I'm only the 2nd owner and it came from Alaska so it could just need a little TLC. But overall, i'm extremely happy with it and it runs and drives magnificently!