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1994 Subaru Legacy (1 Review)
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my family bought this car used for deliveries and pick ups for our restaurant before i got my license. i dont remember what the mileage was when i got it but, currently i am somewhere in 224000 miles. the only problem i've had so far is transmission leak, alternator replacement, and wheel bearing replacement which are all understandable considering its an old car. i love this car and its the perfect first car for any driver. it handles like a beast on snow and grips beautifully on the pavement with its standard awd. keep in mind that my 1994 model can come without AWD but i strongly recomend you find an awd. it has a powerful engine and is actually the strongest and most reliable engine subaru has ever made. the engine on this car is also the basis for all current engines used today on a subaru. over all, this car is amazing and reliable and a fun car. it still drives like amazingly and i am still happy with this car. recomended whole heartedly to anybody who needs, wants, or is just looking to have fun.