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1993 Subaru Legacy owners review and rate their 1993 Subaru Legacy.

1993 Subaru Legacy (2 Reviews)
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I have driven may cars over the years.And I have to say hands down the subaru is the best ever.I do all my own repairs and fix cars has a part time job and they are easy'er to work on than just about any car on the market. My wife has a 1995 Subaru legacy wagon with near 500.000 miles on it.And sofar the only things I had to fix was a fuel pump and around four timing belts over the past few years.Thanks.
Bought this car used for my teenage son and expected it to last about a year since it had 108,000 miles on it. My daughter is now using it at College 4 years later and it is still running strong at 158,000 miles. The only real issue has been a chronic oil leak. Other than that it is the most reliable car in the family. Body is not looking the best but it runs great. It is only front wheel drive and not AWD, but it still goes great in the snow.