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2004 Saturn Vue (8 Reviews)
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I love my 2004 2WD 6 Cylinder Saturn Vue! I bought it used in Fairbanks Alaska in 2009 with 60,000 miles with all engine, transmission and battery heaters already installed. I have since put an additional 90,000 miles on it with the only major issue being replacement of the CVT Transmission, $$$! I have no history of the car other than it came to Alaska from Virginia and had a trailer hitch and U-Haul wiring harness. So most likely a military move pulling a trailer that was overloaded for the vehicle coupled with the 20-40 below winter temperatures decreased the transmission life a little. But the AC has always sucked on it, more noticeable now that I live in Utah.
I've had my 2004 6 Cyl saturn now for 7 years. Had the throttle body ass'y replaced three times under standard and extended warranty. The transmission still shifts bad. I'll
milk it till it dies. Now the A/C is going. You try going with
out A/C in the hot South Forida sun in the summer time, high
humidity and 90s. Nice looks but mechanically it sucks. Worst
vehicle GM ever built. They knew this vehicle had problems but sold it anyway. I think I'll buy a Ford for my next vehicle.
P.S. it has less than 60k miles
Our 2004 Vue 2.2L has 123,000 miles on it and we haven't repaired anything as of yet except the rear view mirror. Good vehicle, great on gas, easy to maneuver. Some componenets are cheaply made, but expected that. Good vehicle.
2004 to 2009 all was fine, great car. New transmission in oct 2009 (~1K), another in NOV 2009, and a third in Aug 2010 (4200), then AC died, now the computer module died and it will not start. GM parts now self-distruct and they no longer cover them.
GM all my life, planning now on going toyota or mazda.
Have a 2004 6cy AWD that just turned 200,000 miles and has been running great. Put first "repair" money into car last week, drivers side wheel bearing. Am concerned with loose steering, and starting to get a ping in engine.
This is a very well put together car. It never has any major problems which makes it very reliable.
I have 74,900 miles on my Vue and had to put a new transmisson in, that cost almost $5,000 to put in. GM did pay for half of the repair cost, and now I have a vaccuum leak that needs to be fixed. Ugh! The GM dealer that I took my Vue to told me it would take 1 week to fix, and ended up being 3 weeks. I was not offered any type of compensation for the delay. I will NEVER but a GM vehicle again.
102,000+ and still going strong. With the Honda V-6 Engine & the vehicles size, power leather seats, 17" tires, perfect cup holders (any size cups or glasses fit), etc. makes for a good reliable ride. It has about all the options available in 2004 except all-wheel drive. Don't need it. Plenty of cargo space options; better then the 2009. I thought I wanted a new car since there are great deals now, but I still like this one better, when I compare both side by side. I can now put some money into 100,000 mile maintenance and save a lot of money. Maybe the new 2010 Chev Equinox will be larger to compare. I like the 2009 Equinox except for size. The Hyundai Santa Fe V-6 would be my car of choice for the money and size if I had to buy today. If the new Saturn Vue had the Honda Engine I would probably buy one of those. This 2004 still is a great vehicle and sets my standard for buying. It will last me a long time.
Indiana driver