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2003 Saturn Vue owners review and rate their 2003 Saturn Vue.

2003 Saturn Vue (12 Reviews)
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I'm the first owner of a 2003 Saturn Vue with 5 speed manual transmission, 2WD, 2.2L. I can't say enough great things about this car. I simply love it! I also own a 2004 Land Cruiser which is obviously the other end of the spectrum in terms of luxury. I enjoy driving the Vue more. Its great on gas, very peppy with the manual transmission, and has a disproportionately large amount of cargo space given the size of the vehicle. I have consistently done regular maintenance which includes things like new brake pads at appropriate mileage levels. The car looks brand new. A real gem!
Got 230,000 with the v6 front wheel, nothing major exept having to replace those darn wheel barring TWICE on ever side. Had to patch exhaust, thats getting ptryy rusted out
Love my 2003 Saturn Vue. 150,000 + miles and original clutch.
Got car slightly used in '04. Love the shape, size, milage (average 30mpg), and handling. Had minor issues and basic maintenance. Rear wiper is sluggish to work. I somehow pushed the Hazard light button all the way into the dashboard, can't even reach it to turn on. Cruise control light went out. Steering wheel creeks especially in cold weather. At 100,000 miles, am now addressing the sway bar and timing belt. All basic oil changes take at least an hour due to the difficult placement of filter and special tool needed. Aside from a few minor "quirks", I love my car.
still holding up after 125,000 miles,
I LOVE my Vue. My only issue is finding someone to repair it and the labor costs are absolutely CRAZY. 182K miles and other than my valve cover gasket issues and funny noises, it's good!
I love my Vue. 179K Miles I cannot believe they discontinued it.
I love my Vue I wish Saturn wouldn't have went under
I have 211,000 and it has been reliable. I have had a few minor repairs, but it still runs great. It does chew up tires and it is a bit noisy.
Love the Saturn Vue. Wish they still made them
I love my 2003 VUE. 139,000 miles, still going strong. V-6 with plenty of punch, All wheel drive, 7" ground clearance and no body rust susceptiblity. 20 to 21 mpg normally in all kinds of driving, up to 24.5 if I stick to the speed limit on the highway. I have had problem with injector fouling after getting some bad gas, and a few other repairs, but nothing I would fault the car for. Tremendously versitile vehicle.
This Saturn is notorious for being a B***h for a fix!!!!!