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1998 Saturn SW2 (2 Reviews)
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Bought it new, the only thing I ever did up to 234,000 miles was replace the starter, water pump, fuel pump, front rotors, that's it! (other than tires, plugs, wires, and front brake pads)

At 234,000 miles it would smoke when coasting down hill in gear and then hitting the gas at the bottom of the hill. The car was still running great but I swapped the motor for a used one at this time. Also replaced the original clutch. Should have kept the original motor, (it was probably just bad valve stem seals) the replacement motor has the same issues.

I'm at 254,000 miles now, just put on 4 brand new uniroyals and will replace the original struts in the next day or two. The car is still running great, getting 32-34 MPG, and still looks good when I clean it up. It handles well, very neutral, no over/understeer problems at all.

If I could buy another new one like it I would do so without hesitation.
Probably the best car I've ever owned. So far, necessary repairs have been brakes, batteries, an oil pump and a radiator. Being a former SCCA driver, this car has been opened up from it's original 124hp to 145. Suspension has been reworked and I run nitrogen in the 205/60/15 tires. It's been across the country & back several times. I never worry about it breaking. Auto trans and engine get 100% Castrol Synthetic. It uses about a quart every 15,000 miles.