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2002 Saturn SL2 (3 Reviews)
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I love my Saturn SL2. Yes there have been some issues, I bought it used but I have had it over 6 years. It is the best car I have ever had. The biggest issue I have had with it is, I have had to have the AC repaired every year. It will work for a season and then will stop working when I have to start switching on the heat. (crazy right!)
Also I have had to have the key assembly in the steering column replaced twice because the locking mechanism keeps malfunctioning and locking up so my key would not turn when I tried to start the car. Other than that just normal car repairs and maintenance.
Funny fact- This car is almost impossible to break into unless you actually break a window to get into to it. Also just an FYI if you ever have to "break" into your car, say you are stranded on the side of the road and have a complete blonde moment and lock you keys in your car, the best and cheapest window to break is the front or back windshield. And for the love of Mike DO NOT break that tiny little window that does nothing in the rear door. It is the most expensive window to have replaced.
Horrible experience with my Saturn. Roof leaks horribly with bad design on weatherstriping. Plastic intake manifold cracks easily and major cause of coolant problems in the Saturns. Major vibrations when running. Really wished I had researched this car a bit more before purchasing one. Emergency Brake light sensor goes out frequently causing the car to sound off the entire time you are driving.
I love my Saturn! I have almost 170,000 miles, all of which I put on it, and I have had very few repair issues with it, comparatively speaking. The majority of the repairs have been merely routine maintainence.

Great car and would recommend a Saturn to anyone!