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1998 Saturn SL2 (2 Reviews)
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i have a 1998 sl2 car wont start no nothing checked the teminals n battery.all that works is the lights n horn n the car good on gas n all.would it b the ignition switch.need ur help cant wast the money n find out it was something simple.times r bad right now so please help me out.tyvm
I bought this car new in Oct 1998 so have owned it 10 years. It has been well maintained following the manufacturer's recommendations. The car today has only 56900 miles on it because I live close to work.
It has been an excellent car; just now replaced the fuel pump and filter, last year a computer engine chip, both totaling about $1400.00 for parts and labor. Also replaced the brakes two years ago at the dealer who didn't do a good job, had to be redone. Cost about $400. Those are the total repair expenses in 10 years.
The car has been garaged both at home and work so the exterior is very good - scratches from shopping carts notwithstanding, no dents or paint fading. Even my mechanic loves this car and says it "keep it".
I was thinking of getting a new "green" car but just went on a road trip and got 29.77 mpg, would have been higher but made four shopping stops in 5 hours and got caught in a freeway slowdown for 10 miles at about 3 mph. Maybe I will keep this for awhile....