1995 Saturn SL2 Reviews and Owner Comments

1995 Saturn SL2 owners review and rate their 1995 Saturn SL2.

1995 Saturn SL2 (3 Reviews)
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Car is a blast to drive and is super-reliable. At 190,000 miles, and get 32 mpg city & highway.

Car was BADLY abused before I got it at 80,000, and still ran fine. Previous owner SEVERELY OVERHEATED the engine. Aside work associated with fixing damage caused from the overheating problem, the maintenance has been pretty standard.

When anything does go bad the replacement part is usually pretty cheap.

Car does consume a bit of oil though. Engine uses 1 qt every 300-500 miles depending on how high I push the RPM.

Dent resistant panels are pretty awesome. I accidentally hit a parked Pontiac in the parking lot at 10mph. My car suffered no damage, but his front bumper needed a really expensive repair.
The car has been great for the last couple of years, but recently there has been a rattling that know one has been able to identify or clarify where it is coming from and what it means. it sounds like it is in the wheelwell in the front passenger side, but an inspection by a shop said they would need to look further to identify exactly what the problem actually is. Has anyone else had this issue?
Almost have 170k miles on mine and it still runs like a top. It does get slightly shaky after 60MPH. The body is great with no dents (obviously because it's plastic). I have never had a problem with the brakes, but I have heard some of my Saturn friends mention the brake fluid can contaminate. The lights work fine, the engine doesn't have the "GM Tick" even at 170k miles. The heater blows plenty of hot air, but I don't know about the air conditioner. I never use it. My biggest problem with this car is the emissions. It's a little bit difficult sometimes to figure out what is causing emission problems.