2002 Saturn SL1 Reviews and Owner Comments

2002 Saturn SL1 owners review and rate their 2002 Saturn SL1.

2002 Saturn SL1 (9 Reviews)
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piece of junk, the transmissions on these should have been recalled...engine has no power and am always fixing or replacing something. WASTE OF MONEY
Would be great for a first car! Unfortunately with a baby it is too small of a car to fit a carseat comfortably. I have owned two saturns and both of the tie rods broke. It screeches when I turn and grinds really bad. Always feels misaligned.
This car has been a money pit. I can see why they quit making them.the engine does'nt have enough power.i've had problems with the emissions. it has a bad idle problem I have been chasing for a while.
Bought this car used with 25k miles on it in 2005 because my sister had one and said that the gas mileage got better as she drove it more. It also got ~10mpg better than anything else on the lot at the Saturn dealer. Hers has close to 150k (standard) and I've got 95k (automatic) miles and both are still running great. My only upgrade was installing a third party stereo head unit to add an MP3 player compatible line in. Perfect city and highway car. Just enough power.
I love the gas milage
Been driving this car for 7 years, never had a problem or reair that was not a maint. repair. Bought because knew 3 other people with this car, none of them had ever had a problem either. Great on gas, not a lux or sport car, not built for speed or to be impressive, just to look decent, drive well, get good mileage and remain a trouble free car - mine and those I know have between us 100 - 300 thousand miles on our cars and they still run great
this car is junk ive seen better running cardboard boxes with drawn on wheels better then this hunk of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i had a 94 saturn sl1 i bought it when it had 117k miles. it was my first car, so like most young drivers, i beat on the car, i had some small problems but such as the i needed to replace the starter and the emission ate my key(it was stuck half the time,just left it in there) but i took that as old car stuff. i put 10k on in a year and it was the best car and i'd still have it... if i didnt total it
love this car great on gas, very little maintenance.