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1999 Saturn SL1 (3 Reviews)
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My 1999 Saturn will not start once the weather gets hot in Texas. Cold start in the morning, but can just go to the local gas station, and the car won't start again...sometimes for several hours. Anybody else have this problem???? Anybody???
I bought this car new in 99 with 16 miles on it. Has been an awesome car!!! No mechanics can answer this problem though.
I bought my 1999 Saturn SL1 used in September 2001. It had 31,000 miles on it at the time. Today (June 2011), my Saturn has over 218,000 miles on it and it still runs as if it was new. It still has about 80 percent of its original parts intact, and I've never had a major mechanical problem with it. Of course, over the course of its 12-year lifespan, it's had its usual parts replacements (brakes, battery, shocks and struts, plugs) but in all these years, I've NEVER had a major mechanical breakdown. The 1999 SL1 was by far the best model that Saturn's Spring Hill, Tennessee plant ever produced. Its fuel economy (automatic transmission) is actually better than many 2011 model cars on the rood today. At 60 miles per hour on the highway, I get up to 40 MPG. The only thing I DON't like about my Saturn is that it doesn't have cruise control.
This is the best car I have ever had! Bought new and now has 197,000 mi. on it. I have only ever had to replace what I would expect: oil, filters, tires,fluids, 1 new muffler, brakes every year, and light bulbs. I drive about 500 mi. a week for work for the past few years. Good handling in our harsh winters. GREAT on gas! I'm hoping to get another 100,000 mi. out of it. I will sure miss it when it is time to get a new car.