1995 Saturn SL1 Reviews and Owner Comments

1995 Saturn SL1 owners review and rate their 1995 Saturn SL1.

1995 Saturn SL1 (2 Reviews)
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where could I find a hood for this car?
Been a great car. I drive hard and punish all my cars. I also drive 500 miles 6 days a week for work. Anything I have needed to repair has been ghetto cheep and easy. The only problems I have had are the fan motor stopped working which lead to cracking the radiator, it now leaks 2qts oil every week, and the shifter cable bushing has broke twice. Not too bad for 190k miles. The things I don't like are the rear bumper sticking out so far, HUGE power loss with A/C running, A/C and heater do not reach the back seat well. Oh, another problem is the squeeky clutch pedal. Seems to happen to a lot of Saturns. Pretty happy with the reliability of this car but I just can't bring myself to modify a Saturn. In search of another car for that.