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1994 Saturn SL1 (2 Reviews)
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I've owned a '94 SL for 4 years, bought it used at 215K, it's now at 255k and still running strong. I hit a deer with it and drove away having only to replace the windshield and drivers side fender. Also I blew the clutch because I was/am a young driver and downshifted way too hard once (put it in first at 70mph and dropped the clutch...bye bye clutch pads). Gets amazing gas mileage, never gotten below 35 even when I drive aggressively, and up to 41 just recently. Interior is starting to show it's age, ceiling is falling, minor rattling in the driver door, some rust under back doors. It handles quite well, more than once it has saved my life because of good braking and sharp steering. Mine has no power steering, no ABS, no power windows or locks, manual transmisson, but it does have cruise controll (added later by dealership) and I wouldn't change anything about it. Aesthetically it's a beautiful car, in my opinion, with great lines and a laid back yet aggressive stance a kin to the stance of a distance runner. Seats 5 and has enough trunk space for what I need, but loaded down you will notice the engine struggling a bit. All-in-all a great commuter car that lasts forever, it is the closest a machine can get to being my best friend and it has earned my trust and respect.
I bought this car from a previous owner, and they "uped" the engine, so some of it runs great and others don't, I had to replace the whole entire cooling system, long story short, good car bad owner...