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2002 Saturn SC2 (3 Reviews)
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The biggest annoyance I have experienced with my 2002 SL2 is the automatic door locks and handles. The whole system was cheaply made and I have had to replace the front two doors actuators once because I could not open the doors. Now the replacements have gone bad so I am having to replace them a second time. Extremely annoying having to open my driver's side passenger and unlock the driver's door form the inside to enter my car!!!!

Great engine. Very easy to work on. LOVE the plastic exterior panel! Saturn discontinued the use of plastic panels around 2006 (I think) and went to metal. Bad move. Ride is rather stiff but the 4 cylinder engine has some serious get-up-and-go!

Bottom line, . . . decent car and good gas mileage but no one left to complain to, . . . .if buying used be sure you get it checked out from head to toe.
2002 Saturn SC2 I brough this car from someone for 2,600 and It the worst car saturn could of make because I replace the engine 4 times and it not like i dont take care of it. I makesure every 4 months i get oil change at love days. And Yestarday i when start it and i wont even turn over. I am about to blow up stupid car
Best car I EVER had! It has 170,000 and is still going. VERY reliable!