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2000 Saturn SC2 (2 Reviews)
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Love this car! I wouldn't have thought to buy a two door, but I love the fact that it has an extra half door on the driver side to open when I need to take things out of the car like packages or my nephews:) Great on gas, I check my oil and change it every 2 months because it tends to get dirty very quickly ( i drive a lot) And if I forget, it lets me know. I 've had to change some emission parts over the years but they were easy to do. In general I love this car because it's good to me, when I am good to it.
i bought this used in january 09. i get a standard tune up (im at 96k miles) 2 months ago and am told i need a new transmission! nice. now i go this morning and the car wont start but all lights and windows work. but the dashboard always shakes, i need new motor mounts too.when i go to back up its a 3 second delay [said the mechanic] and for the past week when i parked the car, it wouldnt turn all the way left in the ignition switch so the car would chime and wouldnt lock when i parked it and shut the door. im hoping just the battery is dead when i go to look for one this afternoon, but just my luck it would be the starter or ignition switch or something i dont have the dough to pay for. this car helped me out in a pinch and has been great on gas and air conditioning in the hot vegas summers, but like the other guy, the main thing is its paid for. i kind of had no choice when i bought this, i needed something fast, and needed something without payments but man, its sketchy. i had a hyundai accent and that thing was small and had plastic doors like this thing but it had a warranty and ran like a champ